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by / Thursday, 10 September 2020 /
Post Image Dear Readers,

September always brings a cheerful feeling. There is plenty to be thankful for while we continue to cope with the pandemic and how it impacts our way of life, adjusting to the new normal and new challenges ahead.

Keeping our mind and spirit high as we move closer towards the last quarter of 2020, let us continue to work together and stay together in our commitment to have a healthy, happy life in Lippo Village.

One of the important programs that is being carried out by the Central Bureau of Statistics Indonesia (BPS) is a ‘door-to-door’ census this month. Please check the schedule for your area and prepare the necessary documents. All will be carried out carefully following the necessary health and safety protocols. Check our health corner on Covid-19 updates with reminders on preventive actions you can take.

Read also about of groundwater use and why until now TMD do not issue a permit to use it when your house is already connected with the TMD water services. The weather is getting more unpredictable now and we have to prepare ourselves to continue saving and conserving our precious resource, water. You may think it is a small act, but when we do it together, it brings a huge impact to bettering our environment.

After our feature on snakes last month, in this edition, read up on the article about a small creature, a snake’s snack, the rat – how to keep away from them and avoid them to come into your house.

Safety continues to be on everyone’s mind even when cycling around the town. Read on safety tips on how to protect your bike while not in use.

And, when you are building your new home or renovating, our TMD Building Control Team has great tips on how to bring in freshness into your home naturally!

Once again, Congratulations to UPH on its many achievements and this time, we are happy to hear the news that it has received the Advanced Curriculum Recognition from the Society of Actuaries! 

We also look forward to hearing for you and if you have any articles or interesting story you wish to share with our community, please do not hesitate to contact us at Your active participation will be greatly appreciated.

Hope this month of September brings you joyful times with your families near and far! Keep connected even when apart.

Happy reading!

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash