• 30/04/2018

    Keeping our Environment Pest Free : Pest Control Program May 2018

    Please be informed that TMD will be undertaking a monthly pest control program (fogging method) for external areas and private gardens to control mosquito and vermin populations.

    The program will be implemented starting on Wednesday, 2 May to 24 May 2018.

    Schedule : 

    Wednesday, 2 May : Imperial Drive, Taman Golf, Royal Golf

    Thursday, 3 May : Boulevard Palem Raya, CBD, Taman Brawijaya 

    Friday, 4 May : Taman Mediterranean Golf, Taman Beverly Golf

    Saturday, 5 May : Plaza de Espana, Lippo Cyber Park, Palais de Europe, Piaza Venezia, Karawaci Office Park

    Monday, 7 May : Taman Cendana and Taman Bromo

    Tuesday, 8 May : Taman Himalaya and Taman Danau Biru

    Wednesday, 9 May : Taman Diponegoro and Taman Mediterranean S3 and Rolling Hills

    Friday, 11 May : Taman Imam Bonjol, Taman Singosari and Taman Spain, Taman Britannia, Taman Hokkaido, Taman Halmahera

    Saturday, 12 May : Boulevard Kalimantan, Boulevard Sulawesi, Boulevard Sumatera

    Monday, 14 May : Taman Ubud Cempaka Selatan, Taman Ubud Cempaka Barat, Taman Ubud Cendana, Taman Bukit Chedi

    Tuesday, 15 May : Imperium Design, Taman Ubud Kencana, Taman Ubud Loka, Boulevard Taman Ubud

    Wednesday, 16 May : Taman Ubud Timur, Star of Asia, Taman Ubud Indah, Taman Ubud Permai

    Thursday, 17 May : Taman Permata Sektor 3, Ruko Asiatic, Taman Ubud Lestari,  Taman Ubud Estate

    Friday, 18 May : Taman Parahyangan, Taman Permata Timur, Taman Permata Parahyangan, Ruko Little Asia, Alora dan Taman Pattaya

    Saturday, 19 May : Taman Permata Sektor 6 and 7, Taman Permata Sektor 5, Taman Batavia dan Taman Permata Sektor 4 and Lincoln

    Monday, 21 May : Taman Permata Sektor 1 and 2

    Tuesday, 22 May : Taman Kyoto, Taman Okinawa, Ruko New Asia, Asia Millennium, Taman Osaka

    Wednesday, 23 May : Imperial Drive, Taman Golf and Royal Golf

    Thursday, 24 May : Boulevard Palem Raya, CBD

    The program will proceed as follows: 

    - TMD will assign officials to implement the spraying at no charge

    - Keep your pets safely from spraying activities

    - Keep children and infants safely away during fogging and attend to them

    Your active participation in this program will be much appreciated. In case of rain, the pest control schedule will be shifted to the next day. The Rodent Control program will be carried out on a routine basis.

     For further information please contact our Call Center at  (021) 55 777 557. Thank you.     

  • 27/04/2018

    Cleaning of Water Distribution Pipes : 30 April to 04 May 2018

    Please be informed that we will have a cleaning of water distribution pipes in your area from 10 AM to 4PM, which can affect the water supply to your house.  



    Monday, 30 April 2018 : Taman Paris & Piaza de Europe

    Tuesday, 1 Mei 2018 : Taman Mediterranean S3 & Taman Mediterranean Golf

    Wednesday & Thursday, 2-3 May 2018 : Taman Ubud Permai & Taman Ubud Asri

    Thursday & Friday, 3-4 May 2018 : Taman Hokkaido, Boulevard Sumatera, Taman New Britannia.

    During the flushing activities, there might be temporary disruptions, such as:

    1) decreasing water pressure,

    2)   changing water quality,

    3) no water supply


    Our water truck will on standby for your urgent water requirements.  


    Please call our Emergency at 0800 1900 911 or Call Center at (021) 55 777 557 for assistance.  When the water supply is back to normal, please do remember to let the taps run for a while before use.  


    We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your understanding.


  • 25/04/2018

    Access to and from Lippo Village North : 1 May 2018

    In our continued efforts to ease traffic build up in our town particularly during peak hours, we are pleased to inform you that commencing May 1, 2018, residents may use Boulevard kalimantan to access Lippo Village North.

    Please contact our Call Center at (021) 55 777 557 if you have further information. Our 24/7 emergency services can be reached at 0800 1900 911. You may also reach us via email at TMD@lippokarawaci.co.id