Explore Lippo Village

Lippo Village - located 23 Km west of Jakarta, the development of this well-planned and cohesivelydesigned independent township of Lippo Village commenced in January 1993. Created by PT LippoKarawaci Tbk. as the first township project of Lippo Group, the satellite city of Lippo Village consists ofhigh quality residential and commercial areas; international standard university and schools;internationally accredited hospitals; a 5-star hotel; and golf course. With a road network of over 120 Kmin length; a 250 Km drainage system which is clean and efficient; and about 155,000 trees, decorativeplants and shrubs planted along the boulevards, median and main roads as well as in residential clusters,schools and commercial areas; a state-of- the art sewage treatment plant and water treatment plant;Lippo Village is a pioneer development by the Group which is much sought after by investor andresidents alike for its unique features and green environment. The population of Lippo Village continuesto grow steadily and the township is now home to around 70,000 residents and 200,000 daily visitors.

Capitalizing on demographic and lifestyle changes in Indonesia, while providing a solution to the trafficjams, floods and inadequate upgrading of the infrastructure, work in Lippo Village has now alreadybegun for a new Lippo Village CBD, "The Millennium Village". This integrated development supports the"one-stop" living concept and combines residential condominiums, office space, education andhealthcare facilities as well as commercial and entertainment areas in a strategic location and a greenenvironment. The future lies in such superblocks, which offer an integrated and sustainable highstandard of living catered to the busy lives of professional people and their families.