Apply Online

by / Friday, 10 July 2020 /
Post Image TMD keeps innovating. Providing BCC (Building Control & Codes) online services to make it easier and faster for residents is here!

Simply Go Online for your construction work permit, both for renovation and new building.  Through this online system you don’t have to queue anymore at TMD Customer Service.

How can I apply online to get the permit?
1. Submit the application online through the following link by completing all requirements (pictures and photo of the existing project conditions).
2. The owner or representatives/ person in charge for the project must submit a copy of their ID (e-KTP) and mobile number, as well as the copy of ID (e-KTP) of contractors/ workers. Please inform how many workers will be involved in the project.
3. Upon approval of the application, we will inform you on fees for the sticker and required security deposit.
4. Sticker can be collected at each cluster security post, H+1 after we have received payment and bank receipt.
5. Please follow the building regulation and guidelines. TMD has the right to suspend, terminate or cancel the permit for any violations of the building regulation and guidelines
TMD will keep you updated as more online platforms are ready for you to use! Be ready for Permits Online!