Green Up Your Yard For a Great Look

by / Sunday, 15 December 2019 /
Post Image You may have seen our landscapers these past months busy at work greening up Lippo Village. Our TMD Environmental Team have replanted the roundabout of Graha Lippo, Dadap island, entry gates at numerous clusters and children playground areas.

Now you can enjoy the benefits of seeing newly landscaped areas greener and more lush, helped by the December rain showers which made the growth of new plantings even faster. With the intense work on our urban landscaping and pocket gardens, we all benefit of having more shade and more beauty created by these wonderfully aged trees, flowers and shrubs that have become the hallmarks of Lippo Village, the cleanest, greenest town with superior air quality everyone can enjoy.

Another reason why we have never lost sight in greening up our town year on year is to keep our town’s temperature cooler and prevent the risk of flooding and soil erosion with trees helping soak up excess water and reducing runoff.

Did you know that we have seven lakes around the golf course? The golf course at the center of Lippo Village has been designed to act as the ‘lung of the town’ and takes in the excess water runoff to prevent flooding. Other ponds in Lippo Village include a temporary pond in Lippo Cyber Park, near Amartapura Apartments and the pond along the edge of the Toll road at Lippo Village West.

All the lakes and ponds can absorb the excess water from heavy rainfall and storms, however, your support and participation is needed to keep our town flood-free for years to come.

There is much you can do. Limiting paving and hard surfaces within your property will go a long way in preventing floods. Instead of concreting or tiling over your front or back yard that reduces the capacity of the soil to absorb rain water and put extra stress on your drainage system, do leave some room for trees, plants or grass.

Green up your yard. It makes for a great look, gives you shade and cooler temperature and prevents floods.

Do your part for a better earth for your children and future generation. It is the right thing to do!

lake at Imperial Klub Golf