Dispose of Garbage Properly

by / Friday, 15 November 2019 /
Post Image Every day, we have garbage to throw in some form or the other. And therefore, we need to be more and more aware of how to dispose our rubbish in a proper manner to reduce the impact of waste to our environment.

The most practical way to dispose of garbage is to ensure that it goes into a waste bin with a lid. There is a standard size (120 lt and 60 lt) that TMD recommends for each house in Lippo Village and it must have a lid. Having a lid keeps the waste dry even when it rains and more importantly, reduces the infestations of pests and prevent air pollution in the surrounding area.

If the waste bin is already broken or the lid is no longer in good condition, do change for a new one. Help make your surroundings cleaner and healthier!

TMD follows a schedule to collect the garbage from your home. Please place the bin near your fence or sidewalk curb in time for the collection. Put it back at the rear or side of your house after the collection, wash and clean it for the next use.

Please brief your household help on these simple practices of disposing garbage properly. Avoid hanging plastic bags with garbage on trees or on the fence; this is not only unhygienic but an eyesore to your neighbours.

Do throw your garbage in a bin. The garbage collectors will only pick up garbage that have been placed in the bin.
In case you need a bin, please contact the TMD Call Center at (021) 55 777 557 to arrange for purchase of the standard waste bin.

Living in a clean environment makes life healthier and more pleasant for all!