No to Mosquitoes

by / Tuesday, 15 October 2019 /
Post Image The rainy season is now upon us. 
By now you have checked the condition of your roof to be waterproof and that the drains are not clogged with dry leaves so that the water flows down smoothly. Aside from this, we advise that a thorough check and clean-up of your yard be also done. Remove empty cans, bottles or any containers that can store water which may allow pests to nest, especially mosquitoes.

One of the dangerous mosquitoes are Aedes Aegypti, a vector that can spread dengue fever. Whilst these mosquitoes also breed in the dry season, you have to be even more careful to keep them away during the rainy season. It is possible for these mosquitoes to grow rapidly particularly in places where water is stored and stagnant. If Aedes Aegypti can breed freely, then the possibility of the dengue fever spread will increase. 

TMD Animal Control who is doing the routine pest control of your outdoor area and surroundings has issued the Pest Control Monthly Schedule in your area. Please check our website: for the schedule in your area. 
Your support to ensure that we keep your environment safe from these mosquitoes is needed. Protect your family and take action by implementing simple ‘healthy living’ steps such as regular draining of water reservoirs, closing water reservoirs and recycling used goods that are still economically valuable. Also check potted plants and landscape to make sure that none of them have stagnant water. Since two (2) months,TMD started to clean up empty lots, verges and potted plants around your area and will continue the program to keep mosquitoes and other pests away.

Your health is important to us. During the transition from a very dry season and rainy season, both nature and your body condition need to adjust. Some may experience various ailments related to a drastic change of weather. 
Get ready and prepare in advance so you can enjoy the upcoming season, rain or shine!