Going Paperless Towards Sustainability

by / Sunday, 15 September 2019 /
Post Image Adopting green ways to create a more sustainable environment in Lippo Village has become a way of life at Town Management. Consistent with its annual Green Plan, this year’s program Save Paper, Save Trees saw a switch by Town Management to the more environmentally friendly and less costly means of communicating through digital means.

From now on, residents will get their monthly invoice for the Iuran Pengelolaan dan Keamanan (IPKL) and water billing by email.

No more paper billing statements starting October 2019!

Residents are therefore requested to update their Resident Information by:

1. Email
Please register your email address indicating your unit and unit number and send it to TMD@lippokarawaci.co.id .

2. SMS/ WhatApps
Register your mobile number via our Call Center at (021) 55 777 557, by mentioning your unit and unit number.

3. Download from our website
Use the link : https://www.lippokarawaci.co.id/OnlinePayment, write your Customer ID, click login, then choose Invoice on the left corner above, choose what month of invoice do you want to download. It will require your password which is your Customer ID.

Please pay your bills on time to avoid any disconnection of services. Late payments are subject to penalty fees and notice to terminate water supply will be sent by email to your registered email address. You may also view your current statements at any time.

Thank you for taking part in making Lippo Village a ‘green community’ that will serve as a model for all other communities to emulate. Let us work together for a better, healthier and greener community in Lippo Village.