Celebrating 74th Independence Day of Indonesia

by / Thursday, 15 August 2019 /
Post Image The crowd is so amazing, the participants now have many creativities to show their best performance in costume as well as singing, slogan and such performances. They’re getting more attractive each year”, said Alwi Sjaaf, CEO of Lippo Village.

This year’s Independence Day Celebration was held on Thursday, August 15th, 2019 and marks the 5th year since the first Lippo Village Parade commemorating Indonesia’s Independence Day was held in the town.

Town Management Lippo Village (TMD) with Lippo Group’s business units, schools, retail and commercial units, tenants and residents all come together every year to what has become a town-wide event showcasing Indonesia’s best in costume, themed floats, and special performances with marching bands, Reog, and traditional dances, an annual event everyone looks forward to and proud to be part of.

“It has been five years since the first Parade in 2015. Lippo Village is a green and sustainable city, there should be a lot of activities here that make the city liveable. We really hope that many more residents would like to go outside from their house and get involved. Be proud as a resident of Lippo Village and be proud as an Indonesian. Some expats also join the Parade and they look very enthusiastic, we have to learn from them too”, added Alwi.

This year’s Parade was attended by more than a thousand participants, walking the 1,8 km long boulevard inner lane, starting from Maxx Box Lippo Village and ending at the Menari Matahari roundabout, where judges waited for each group to show off their costumes and performances.

More than 20 Lippo Group business units, schools and commercial entities joined with the Parade.

Here are the winners for this year’s celebration of the 74th Year of Indonesia’s Independence:

Best Costume
Aryaduta Lippo Village
Sekolah Pelita Harapan
Lippo Malls Indonesia

Best Performance
1. Lippo Malls Indonesia
2. Building Management Menara Matahari
3. Aryaduta Lippo Village

Best Float

1. Aryaduta Lippo Village
2. Imperial Klub Golf
3. Sekolah Pelita Harapan

Best Group
Aryaduta Lippo Village

Congratulations to all Participants and the Winners!

Thank you for the wonderful support and participation. See you next year!

Lippo Malls Indonesia

Terumbu Karang - Float by Aryaduta Lippo Village 

BM Menara Matahari