Simply Beautiful Carport for Your Home

by / Monday, 15 July 2019 /
Post Image Whilst we have a car, sometimes we have limited space or budget to build a garage. A well designed carport can be one of good solutions to provide protective roof for your vehicles. 
A carport can effectively store and shelter your vehicles. It can be placed in your driveway or somewhere on your property as a way to help shield your vehicle from harsh elements when you don’t have an indoor garage. Instead of exposing your vehicle to rain and sunshine that result in dents, rust and other damage, a carport can provide extra coverage.

In Lippo Village, our Building Control Team has prepared some designs of canopy types that you could use and would be suitable to the aesthetics of your environment. Simple canopies can look attractive and adds elegance to your home if it is well adapted with the house design. Surely it is not just the interior of your home that needs attention, but the exterior and ‘face’ of your home is very important that can be admired by your neighbours and brings pride to those who live in it.

When building your carport, please observe the following TMD regulations:
• Permanent material is permitted only on beam and column alone.
• The canopy must be made from non-permanent materials such as steel, iron and wood, with a glass lid, poly carbonate or other non-permanent and transparent materials. Bear in mind that the canopy is just for vehicles and should not be utilized for any other use that its primary purpose.
• The outer canopy columns are required to have a setback of 0.5 meters from the boundary of the lot.
• The canopy is not allowed to have a wall; using a wall will have an impact on the neighbour’s property because of reduced visibility and affect safety.
• It must be equipped with gutters so that water do not get onto the street or a neighbour’s property. Water flow from the canopy that falls onto the road will damage the concrete and asphalt of the road.

Having a beautiful home is everyone’s dream. With your support and observance of the town’s regulations and safe practices, TMD can provide a very pleasant environment for all residents living together in harmony.

We inserted some pictures of recommended carport designs, for your reference. For further information, please contact TMD Building Control Department and they will be happy to help you design your beautiful carport.