Be Orderly. Keep Traffic Calm

by / Monday, 01 July 2019 /
Post Image In any rapidly growing city, managing traffic becomes quite a challenge. Lippo Vilage is no stranger to this phenomenon. More cars, more motorcycles, more taxis keep the streets busy especially during peak hours when schools, offices and malls open. This is coupled with increasing vehicles from the neighbouring areas whose preferred route passes through our city ending up with congestion in our CBD area. 

There is a need to keep the traffic flowing smoothly and our traffic managers continue to assess the bottlenecks and the city’s busy intersections. Traffic slows down because of drivers stopping where they should not! Drop off and pick up locations are not being observed and drivers just seem to stop wherever they want to drop off their passengers.

The locations where our traffic managers find most challenging are the areas in front of UPH, Books & Beyond and Menara Matahari. As in most cities, there are No Stopping, No Parking at major boulevards. The same is true in Lippo Village but drivers ignore this regulation.

Traffic Regulations in Lippo Village will be strictly enforced by TMD’s Protective Services Department with the cooperation of local police authorities. Sanctions will be imposed by the authorities and we ask everyone to give their full support and cooperation in order to keep our city’s traffic calm and orderly. 
Directional signs and traffic regulatory signs are placed prominently for your attention. 

Stay alert and keep Lippo Village orderly!