Snake Awareness

by / Saturday, 15 June 2019 /
Post Image In Indonesia there are about 400 species of snakes and only 30 of them are venomous, so not all snakes are venomous and dangerous. There are 3 types of snakes in Indonesia area protected by law, the Molurus Python, Timorensis Python and Chandra Phyton Viridis. Molurus contained in the larger islands. Timorensis only found in Timor and Flores islands, while Viridis only in Papua.

Snakes, for various reasons, can become a dangerous wild animal whose habitat is close to human life. Snakes areas are often found in the house, yard, garden, and sewers. On the other hand, snakes also play on important role being a natural predator of rats, helping reduce rat population.

You may be aware that usually snakes that are found around the house or the yard are not poisonous. Mostly, they are garden snakes (Lycodon Aulicus) and korros snake (Ptyas Korros), but sometimes a poisonous snake such as a cobra or a welang can enter the house of the yard if the condition makes it possible.

What should you do if you encounter a snake in your yard?
• Do not panic – do not attack, disturb or try to kill a quiet snake. Walk away and avoid it. Snakes will only attack if they feel they are being attacked.
• Do not carelessly touch a snake, a small mistake can cause a bite. Use household equipment such as a broom to send the snake away from the house by pushing the snake slowly. A snake will go away once their body touches land.
• Do not touch the head of the dead snake to avoid poison.
• If you walk in the night, use a flashlight as the snake sometimes goes around the road looking for a warm place. Hold your flashlight in front of your body so if there is a snake it will try to catch the light not part of your body.
• Contact Emergency Call 0800 900 911 immediately or the nearest security to get help. The animal control officers will make sure that there will no more incidents of snakes in the area.

Tips for residents to prevent snakes coming into the yard or the house :
• Clean the yard and cut the grass regularly.
• Turn on the garden lamps at night as many snakes are afraid of lights.
• Routinely clean out your house and/ or warehouse; do not leave piles of things anywhere.
• Clear away all the rubbish, branches and food scraps to prevent snakes making their nest.
• Close each hole which can be used as the access or a prey for snakes. Use the floor drain to cover the sewer inside and at the yard.

Town Management (TMD) Lippo Village animal control officers does routines checks in landscaped areas, bushes, empty lots and other hidden areas where snakes can build its nest. TMD Landscape officers also performs regular cutting of the grass at the empty lots and other public areas.

Report immediately any encounter with snakes in your area.