Investing in Water

by / Saturday, 15 June 2019 /
Post Image The 2019 Lippo Village Water System Improvement Program focuses on the quality of water supply and distribution to customer, upgrading of piping networks and treatment processes in meet the rising demand for water supply. 
Water is Life. Thus, investing in water is seen as critical by Lippo Village’s Water and Sanitation Department and hence, it has spearheaded a number of projects that will ensure sustainable quantity and quality of water supply to all households as well as commercial areas.

Improving Water Quality
Lippo Village follows the quality regulation for potable water (drinking water) based on Health Ministry Regulation No. 492 Year 2010. To ensure that the water distribution meets this regulation, quality measurement is being routinely taken at both internal and external accredited laboratories.

Based on the routine laboratory checks, the main water quality parameter in Lippo Village continues to improve. Water complaints have reduced more than 60% from the previous year. Management will continue to improve its operations with predictive and preventive maintenance programs as well as its distribution networks to reach a high standard of water quality.  

Meeting Water Pressure Targets
Lippo Village has committed to maintain a 2-3 bar pressure in network distribution system that ensures an adequate pressure level for the comfort of residents. This is the standard applied in big cities around the world. Average water pressure in Lippo Village continues to improve as reflected in another 60% reduction of complaints compared to last year 2018. With management efforts to increase the water production, water pressure condition is expected to improve further in 2019.

Continuity and Sustainability
The ongoing investment in Lippo Village is expected to eliminate lack of water supply problems. Lippo Village is now expanding the capacity of the Lippo Village Central Water Treatment Plant to assure residents of the continuity of water supply in the town.

Pipe Network Maintenance
Piping network distribution is a vital system to ensure that the water distribution run smoothly. Therefore, diligent routine network maintenance reduces possibility of distribution system failure. To implement scheduled maintenance work, sufficient supply of water in storage tanks are maintained to minimize disruptions in water supply to homes and commercial areas.

Use of technology together with the water system improvement program will become more and more important. As the city grows, bigger responsibilities for the management lie ahead in providing clean water to meet customer demands. The implementation of new technology is expected to assist in monitoring overall water system in town.

Complaint Monitoring for Better Service

As the above figure reflects, complaints have reduced dramatically compared to previous years. This is attributed to our residents input and suggestions which we take seriously to improve our service. Helped with the latest technology in Customer Management, all interaction with our customers are recorded and monitored for quick and better resolution to any problem that may be raised. Your feedback is valuable to us.

Whilst 60% complaint reduction in our water services is seen as improvement, Lippo Village is expected to continue its work towards Zero Complaint. We are still working on reducing water losses that can impact our supply, but with the planned Water Meter Replacement Program that will speed up the replacement of an excess of 1,000 units per year, we will be on the right path towards our water sustainability goal.