Tall and Magnificent

by / Wednesday, 15 May 2019 /
Post Image Lined with tall and magnificent trees along Lippo Village’s main boulevard can impress anyone visiting the city. It gives a sense of a calm and peace passing through a verdant green canopy the trees provide – indeed, a beautiful oasis in the city. 

Town Management Lippo Village undertook some pruning of branches to keep the trees as shapely as possible and safe for our residents and visitors, avoiding bent branchers that may pose danger during the rainy season when they can fall easily or being struck by lightning. 

You may have noticed that for a couple of days along Bulevar Palem Raya, our officers started to prune the trees for your safety and to the improve the lighting coverage between the trees and lamp poles. You can now see and feel the difference. Not only that the roads are well lit and protected from falling branches but that the pruning and with regular, proper tree maintenance, it is expected that there will be an increase in the surrounding air flow that helps us to have a healthy environment.

Do not worry! Like you, we do not like cutting down the whole tree. With TMD resorting to pruning or trimming does not mean cutting down the whole tree, but simply removing some parts of the plant for healthy growth. TMD suggest each resident to perform checks routinely for their trees inside their property area. In case of doubt as to when is the right time to trim your trees, please contact the TMD Call Center at (021) 55 777 557 and our environmental officer will be ready to help and provide you with valuable advise.

Let’s keep our landscape the best ever and the most beautiful!