Dare to Find Business Opportunities

by / Monday, 15 April 2019 /
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This statement from Dr. Drs. Enggartiasto Lukita, Ministry of Trade Indonesia when discussing the development of the business world in Indonesia whereby he referred to that vision; in Business Talk Show (BTS), 23 March 2019 at World Harvest Dome, Karawaci. With the theme “Seed of Opportunities”, he motivated UPH students to become an entrepreneur candidate and dared them to look for business opportunities in the Industrial Era 4.0.

Dr. Enggar raised the main topic 'The Enthusiasm of Entrepreneurs in the Industrial Era 4.0' and explained how the current development of the Indonesian economy wants to create an equitable economy that needs to be realized at all levels of society.

"Indonesia's economic vision is equitable and adaptive economy with the growth and development of technology. This is to realize economic efficiency, all of which are intended for society interests,“ he said.

Dr. Enggar explained that Industry 4.0 actually made Indonesian people aware of their understanding of the importance of entrepreneurship. "I want to invite students not only to be in the scope of the existing space. You must see from the surrounding environment. You certainly know how the progress of economic growth and the needs of the people around you can see the opportunities for what can be done to advance our economy. We want quality and equitable economic growth so that economic inequality does not occur. Therefore, as a millennial generation, take the opportunity to do business as an entrepreneur while helping Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to maintain their quality, " Dr. Enggar said.

Dr. Enggar also reminded academics to continue to play a role in improving the quality of human resources.

"Educational institutions must be improved for the better, so that there can also be an increase in the quality of human resources in the 4.0 industrial revolution. The learning process must be student-centered. Education must change, lecturers not only provide a lot of knowledge, but increase student criticality. If our education does not change, we will all be deceived“, emphasized Dr. Enggar.

In closing, Dr. Drs. Enggartiasto Lukita; UPH Chancellor Dr. (Hon) Jonathan L. Parapak, M.Eng.Sc. who were present during the Business Talk Show were gave a Plaque of Appreciation to the Ministry of Trade Indonesia along with other ranks of the Rector and Business School leaders and lecturers.