Proper Vehicle Parking

by / Tuesday, 01 January 2019 /
Post Image Parking your vehicles in areas where you should not can be disturbing and cause a lot of inconvenience to your neighbours.

How can you live harmoniously with your neighbours and keep good relationships with persons next door?

For a start, park your vehicles properly and within your own premises.

Here are some locations which are not recommended for parking :
  1. Road side area : Parking your vehicles on the road side narrows the road width and will make it difficult for other vehicles to pass through. It will be difficult for the fire truck to access the road should a fire occur. Parking on the road side can damage the asphalt from the puddles of water and garbage that cannot be cleaned underneath.
  2. Utility/ green area : Parking on the top of landscape or park areas could damage it. The wheels of the vehicle will leave trails on the grass, or even destroy the grass. It will damage the utilities on the ground, such as the installation of electricity, water and telecommunications. 
  3. In front of the house : Do not park in front of the entrance residents’ property, as it will disturb the access. Please respect the right of all residents to have free access to enter and leave their own property.
Where we have to park?
The most appropriate location to park your vehicles is in the carport, garage or within your property area. With the limited space, many residents apply for widening the carport. Please see the attached diagrams and pictures as your guide to facilitate the submission of your application to extend the carport and processing the permit. It is expected that the widening of the carport can be an alternative for residents to park their vehicles.

The rainy season has arrived and TMD asked everyone not to park carelessly even under the tree. If the car is hit by the branches of trees that fall due to rain or wind, it is the ultimate responsibility of the vehicle owner and TMD will not compensate for the losses incurred.

Be wise and be tolerant to each other.