• 17/06/2020

    Water Pipe Distribution Repair : Tuesday, 16 June 2020

    Please be informed that there will be leak repair on water pipeline at Permata Hijau Town House on Tuesday, 16 June 2020

    During the activities, the water supply may be stop temporarily at some units, starting from 6 PM to 8 PM. 

    Our water truck will be standby on site. Please contact our 24 Hours’ Emergency at 0800 1900 911 should you need additional clean water. If the water supply back to normal, please flushing the water before you use it. 

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thank you.
  • 16/06/2020

    Power Interruption Tuesday, 16 June 2020: Rolling Hills

    Please be informed that due to the electrical maintenance of power station CRG 119 by PLN, there will be temporary electricity power interruption at Rolling Hills on Tuesday, 16 June 2020 starting from 10 AM to 1 PM.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please call our Call Center at (021) 55 777 557 should you need further information. In case of emergency, contact our 24 hours' Emergency Officers at 0800 1900 911.

    Thank you.
  • 15/06/2020

    Cleaning of Water Distribution Pipes : 15-20 June 2020

    To improve our services, we will do a routine pipe cleaning for clean water which can temporarily affect the quality of the water that we distribute.

    Flushing Micro from 15 to 20 June 2020, starting from 10 AM to 4 PM.

    • 15 June: Taman Ubud Kencana (LV West)
    • 16 June: Taman Britania (LV North)
    • 17 June: Taman Ubud Indah (LV West)
    • 18 June: Taman Ubud Loka (LV West)
    • 19 June: Taman Ubud Cendana (LV West)
    • 20 June: Taman Ubud Timur (LV West)

    During the activities, there are might any temporary disruptions, such as :
    1) Decreasing of water pressure,
    2) Changing of water quality.

    Please keep some of the water in your storage for any urgent needs. However, we will provide a standby water-tank, please call our duty officer for Emergency at 0800 1900 911 should you need additional clean water.

    Before the activity takes place, we suggest you close the tap in the water meter until it is finished and if the water supply back to normal, please flushing the water before you use it.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please contact our Call Center at (021) 55 777 557 if you need further details and information.

    Thank you.
  • 11/06/2020

    Construction Work Permit Application Starting from 15 June 2020

    TMD announcing the restart of Construction Work under in ‘New Normal’ following strict health measures.

    As we are phasing into “New Normal” in Tangerang Raya area, certain activities are being relaxed, with inclusion to construction work. TMD will be gradually issuing permits for construction works that have been placed on temporary hold in Lippo Village during the PSBB.

    Please note that the permits will be issued only for the continuance or extension of existing projects, either for renovation or new building.

    To ensure a work-safe environment and protect you and your families during this time, please observe the following conditions and health protocols:

    1) Submit your application for the extension of renovation/building permit to TMD Lippo Village starting from June 15, 2020.
    2) The owner or owner representatives responsible for the project must submit to TMD Lippo Village, a copy of their ID (e-KTP) and mobile number, as well as the copy of ID (e-KTP) of contractors/workers. Please inform how many workers will be involved in the project.
    3) Application can be made through the following link https://linktr.ee/InfoLippoVillage which can be accessed from June 15, 2020, by completing all administrative files (pictures and photos of the existing project conditions).
    4) Upon approval of the application, we will inform you on fees for the sticker and required refundable security deposit.
    5) Payment can be made through bank transfer:

    PT Tata Mandiri Daerah Lippo Karawaci
    A/C No. 017-915-8156, BNI Cabang Ruko Pinangsia, Lippo Village
    PT Tata Mandiri Daerah Lippo Karawaci
    A/C No. 168-300-0801-3, Bank Nobu Cabang Ruko Pinangsia, Lippo Village

    Important: please write the complete home address for the renovation/building project and 16 digits of your ATM card in bank news column. You can email the bank receipt to bcd@lippokarawaci.co.id

    6) Sticker can be collected at each cluster post security, H + 1 after we have received payment and bank receipt.
    7) The person in charge for the project must understand and implement the Covid-19 health and safety protocol in project area.
    8) The owner and project contractor shall be fully responsible for the safety and health of the workers, by strictly implementing the following procedures:

    a. Limit the number of workers. The number of workers permitted will be determined by the Management according to the type of work and the width of the building site project.
    b. Make sure that each worker can show a valid health certificate from the hospital/ puskesmas/ clinic when entering the security post, with a validity period of a maximum of 14 days from issue and must be renewed. If there are workers who experience coughs, colds, fever with body temperature above 37.5 degrees Celsius, then workers are not permitted to enter the cluster/ project.
    c. Provide hand washing facility using antiseptic soap or hand sanitizer in the project.
    d. Ensure physical distancing among the workers is maintained 2m and do not allow workers to congregate in one area during breaks.
    e. Provide logistic (meals and drinks) for workers while the project is ongoing.
    f. Make sure that all workers wear masks and gloves.
    g. Workers are not allowed to interact with residents around the project area, during their working hours or during their breaks.
    h. Smoking is strictly not allowed.
    i. In case of emergency, if Covid-19 positive cases are found within the project area or its surrounding (the distance of 5 houses in front, right, left and behind) then TMD Lippo Village has the right to stop the construction work within that range.

    9) Working hours will be divided into 2 groups, from 8 AM to 3 PM and 10 AM to 5 PM with a maximum number of workers entering 5 people in each group to prevent crowding at the entrance security post.
    10) Working days are from Monday to Saturday. No work will be permitted on Sunday and Public Holidays.
    11) TMD Lippo Village has the right to suspend, terminate or cancel the permit for any violations of the conditions above.

    If you need further information, please contact our Call Center at (021) 55 777 557 or in case of emergency, call our 24 Hours’ emergency officers at 0800 1900 911.

    Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

  • 09/06/2020

    Lippo Village Shuttle Buses in Operation Now!

    DKI Jakarta has entered the Large-Scale Social Restriction (PSBB) transition phase whereby all operational & business activities are reopening gradually.

    TMD is pleased to inform that in cooperation with bus operator, Royal Platinum, the Lippo Village Shuttle Bus service to and from Jakarta will resume as per schedule below: 

    To protect our customers and staff, Lippo Village’s External Shuttle Bus Management, the following safety and health protocols will be implemented:
    1) Passengers must wear a mask.
    2) Limited number of passengers to only 50% of bus capacity and restricted seating arrangements to maintain physical distancing.
    3) Payment system uses non-cash (QRIS by scanning QR Barcodes) through OVO, Gopay, Link and bank transfer.
    4) Sanitizing and cleaning of the buses before and after trips.

    Welcome back and enjoy your ride in safety and comfort! For more information, please contact Lippo Village Customer Care Shuttle Bus at 082310800168.

    Thank you.