How to Check Billing Invoice in Lippo Village

Get ready for quick and convenient Billing Statement Summaries delivered straight to your inbox every 15th of the month! Remember, you have until the end of the month to settle your payments. Keep an eye out for emails from Didn't receive it? No worries! Simply update your details, or access your Billing Invoice via alternative platforms like TMD Online Payment. Just enter your PSCode to view your Billing Statement Summary, and ensure your phone number is registered for a seamless experience!

Don’t forget to check your Statement Details! You could see detailed items as well as your water bill. Please be aware that Water Bill do not only consist of water usage, but also waste water treatment costs and water meter maintenance cost, so even though there wasn’t any water usage, you’ll still be billed.

This is how to read Billing Statement Summary:

After checking the details of your Billing Statement Summary, pay sooner before you forget and it’s overdue. Are you confused on how to pay it? You could choose your favorite option from plenty of available payment methods. But before you pay, please make sure that the amount charged corresponds to the total bill on your Billing Statement Summary, then proceed to the payment! If the payment succeeds, you will get an Official Receipt via email. Please make sure you get the Official Receipt to avoid 2% late charge!

How to Pay Your Bill


Virtual Account

Masuk ke menu Pembayaran > lalu Jenis Pembayaran : Fasilitas Umum
Pilih Lokasi : Lippo Village
Masukkan 8 digit Kode Pelanggan yang tertera di Invoice
Jika data sudah sesuai, pilih Bayar dan simpan bukti jika Anda perlu.
*Pembayaran juga bisa dilakukan melalui teller bank Nobu, informasikan 8 digit kode pelanggan Anda pada teller yang bertugas

QRIS Payment

  • Pindai Kode QR pada Lampiran Ringkasan Penagihan
  • Akan tertera jumlah tagihan dan pastikan Nama, Jumlah Tagihan yang tertera sesuai.
  • Jika transaksi Anda berhasil, maka akan ada Konfirmasi Sukses.


  • Buka aplikasi atau website Tokopedia
  • Menu Top Up & Tagihan > Properti > Pilih Lippo Village
  • Masukkan Client Code/Kode Pelanggan yang tertera pada Invoice Anda.
  • Klik Bayar > Pilih Metode Pembayaran
  • Jika berhasil akan ada notifikasi dan email

Online Payment

  • Masuk ke website :
  • Login dengan 8 digit Client Code / Kode Pelanggan Anda.
  • Akan tertera jumlah tagihan dan pastikan Nama, Jumlah Tagihan yang tertera sesuai
  • Pilih metode pembayaran yang diinginkan Visa/Mastercard, atau QRIS
  • Jika transaksi Anda berhasil, makan akan ada Konfirmasi Sukses


  • Di aplikasi OVO > pilih menu Lainnya > Iuran Lingkungan
  • Lokasi : Lippo Village
  • Masukan nomor yang tertera pada Invoice
  • Ikuti petunjuk selanjutnya di aplikasi OVO

Billing Statement Summary will be distributed automatically by email to registered email addresses every 15th each month. If you didn’t receive any email, then you need to update your Resident Data by adding your email address or any other updates.

Please update your data to receive every important information and secure your private information which is written in the Billing Statement Summary. Check your data and update them immediately!

This is how to update your data:

  1. Contact CS by coming directly to TMD Office, by call to(021) 55 777 557, email to
  2. Request Update Ownership Data if you are a New Owner/Resident or Update Customer Data if you are an Existing Owner
  3. Bring Proof of Ownership document and ID Card (KTP) to verify your request
  4. Register your current and active email address to receive your monthly Billing Invoice via email. You could also update phone number, Kartu Keluarga, etc. For Updating Ownership Data, please also bring Family Card (Kartu Keluarga) and Tax ID (NPWP) to be updated

Done! By next month, you are going to receive your Billing Statement Summary via email and your Personal Information is secured. 

To pay your Billing Invoice, submit request, etc, you are encouraged to know your PSCode as a way to identify your identity. PSCode or also called by client code consist of random 8-digits.

In case you forget your PSCode, don’t worry! You can find it in your Billing Invoice Email and Billing Statement Summary as attached.

You could pay your Billing Invoice through various payment methods. To avoid overdue, you can choose direct debit by registering your card to automatically pay your bill each month. 

Here is how you do it:

1. Download Power of Attorney Form (Surat Kuasa) and fill according to the identity of the Home Owner

2. If Card Holder’s name is different with the Home Owner’s name, you are also required to Download Statement Letter (Surat Pernyataan) and fill according to the identity of the Card Holder

3. Come to Lippo Village Customer Service in Menara Matahari Ground Floor, to register your credit card by bringing:

a. Filled Power of Attorney

b. Filled Statement Letter

c. 2 (two) Rp 10.000 meterai

d. ID Card Copy of the Home Owner and Card Holder

e. Credit Card that would be registered as well as the Copy

4. The request will be processed immediately

Please register your autodebit before the end of the month, so your next Billing Invoice will be automatically debited from your credit card. Say good bye to overdue!

Renovation Permit

How to Get Move In/Out Permit

Moving in sounds tedious, but luckily getting the permit is simple. If you bring your stuff with your private vehicle, don’t forget to request Vehicle Card to get easy access going in or out of the Cluster.

If you are moving in/out using pick up, truck or any other cargo pick-up services, you are required to request permission to Move In/Out.

Here is how to get the permit:

  1. Fill Item Move In/Out form, fill the data accordingly and submit the request
  2. You will receive the Permit on the next working days via email.
  3. Please make sure that the pick-up driver also have the permit to be shown to Security Cluster
  4. Also, please make sure that the moving in/out time is in accordance with the rules, from 8am-5pm for the comfort of other residents

Your dream house is finally here. Now let’s make your house a home by applying for renovation permit. Here is how to do it:

  1. Specify your renovation type: minor or major renovation?
  2. Request renovation permit by filling a form in CUSTOMER PORTAL or  via BCD LINK.
  3. Be ready for the administrative documents needed, proof of ownership and ID card. In case of requestor is not the owner, requestor is also required to bring Power of Attorney 
  4. If all documents are complete, renovation plan is according to code written in appendix of PPJB and no Billing arrears, your renovation permit will be approved
  5. You have to pay for Sticker as a sign of permit and Security Deposit through the available Virtual Account that will be informed by email. 
  6. After the payment you may collect your sticker from TMD office during the office hours.
  7. Stick the Sticker on your window as a sign of permission, then you can immediately start your renovation from Monday to Saturday at 8 AM to 5 PM. Sundays and national holidays, renovation work is not allowed.

If you plan to change your tile, install kitchen set or any other interior furniture, repair mechanical and electrical installation, paint walls, fix some leak, or others that don’t change your home structure, then what you need is Minor Renovation Permit. Minor renovation permit request by owner doesn’t require any administrative document other than only ID card. 

Minor Renovation Permit is valid for 1 (one) month after approval. In case you require more time, you could request to Extend Minor Renovation Permit. In case you buy materials or stuffs that are delivered using external delivery services, don’t forget to request for Move In/Out Permit.

However, if you wanted to install Air Condition, put up curtains or do some gardening, you are only required to Request Work Permit, so you aren’t required to pay for Renovation Sticker.

If you plan to extend your carport, build canopy, extra room, pond/swimming pool or others things that make changes to your home structure or building area, then what you need is Major Renovation Permit. Major Renovation Permit require you submitting design drawings, especially floor plans, views and cuts, which need to be reviewed to obtain approval from TMD. Pay for Sticker and minimum of Rp 5.000.000 Security Deposit, depending on your building area.

When approved, Major Renovation permit is valid for 3 (three) months. In case the works are not done yet, you could request to Extend Major Renovation Permit and pay the Sticker without giving Security Deposit again to get extra 3 months duration. In case you buy materials or any other stuffs that are sent using external delivery services, don’t forget to request for Move In/Out Permit. Please remember that every additional building expansion will result in additional IPL costs. 

These are the sample of administrative documents that you need to prepare. Tips: You could get some required documents by using ASBUILT DRAWING documents which was given to you during Hand Over, then you could draw the renovation plan on top of the ASBUILT DRAWING documents. The documents are:

-       Floor Plan

-       Building View

-       Building sections (transverse and longitudinal)

-       Perspective (3D)

-       Dwg (autocad file)

Ensure that all work is carried out safely and orderly, and does not disturb the surrounding environment, from the work process until after the work is finished. There will be an inspector checking the renovation routinely. Don’t forget to Refund your Security Deposit after the Renovation Work is done.

When your renovation is done, you could request to Refund Your Security Deposit by:
  1. Fill Refund Security Deposit form via BCD LINK, fill the data accordingly and submit the request
  2. The Inspector will do a final inspection, so please make sure that all renovation works that involve neighbors’ area (ex: back wall, etc) has been tidied up as before (plastered and painted). Also, please cleaned up your debris or renovation tools and materials to get full Security Deposit refund
  3. The refund will be processed in 14 (fourteen) working days since approved final inspection
  4. In case you have billing arrears, your Security Deposit will be deducted to pay your Billing Invoice before it is refunded

Water Management

How to Install Water Meter

Once your property has been handed over, remember to set up your water meter to access clean water. Request a Water Meter Installation to connect your home to the clean water supply managed by TMD.

Follow these steps:

  1. Complete the Water Connection form by providing the required information and submit your request. For Cendana Series homes or houses with 1-2,5 bathrooms, a ½-inch diameter pipe is recommended; while Brava Series homes or houses with ≥3 bathrooms or a pool should use a ¾-inch diameter pipe.
  2. Finalize the payment.
  3. After you've paid, an officer will visit your home to install the water meter within 7 to 14 days.
Cost of water usage and water management services will be included in your monthly Billing Statement. It is sent to your registered email address on the 15th of each month. Please note that after installing the water meter, you will still be billed for a minimum water usage (10m3) and other expenses every month, even if there's no actual usage.

Your water bill will reflect your actual usage as recorded by our officer each month or a minimum of 10m3 if there's no usage. Wastewater charges are based on a percentage of water usage. 

You'll receive your Water and IPL Bills via email on the 15th of each month. Payment can be paid until the end of that month. Choose your preferred payment method to settle the bills!

Water Bill is sent along with Billing Invoice based on water meter record. In case your water consumption increases by more than 50m3 and rises by at least 20% compared to previous usage, you'll receive in your email an Unusual Water Activity notification on the 10th of that month.

If you know you've used more water during that month, you can disregard the alert. However, if you believe there's been no significant change in consumption, conduct an inspection for leaks in faucets or pipes. If you need help, contact our Customer Service by visiting Menara Matahari, calling (021) 55 777 557 or email to, to request for inspection by our technicians.

Land and Building Tax (PBB)

What is Land and building tax (PBB)?

Land and Building Tax (PBB) is a cost for owners for their land and property that have monetary value. PBB Invoice (SPPT) is printed and started to be distributed every March and due on 31st August. PBB is regulated in Indonesia’s decree, which is:

  • Law No. 12 year 1994 concerning Amendment of Law No. 12 year 1985 concerning Land and building tax (PBB) which regulating about collection of Land and Building Tax (PBB)

Land and Building Tax is printed and started to be distributed on March and due on 31st August each year. Please be sure that you get the invoice (SPPT) and pay for it before the due date! You could get your SPPT PBB in our Customer Service. For residents in Lippo Village Central and North, you can get your SPPT PBB in Customer Service Office since April. It is advisable to email us earlier to to make sure your invoice is ready.

Payment of your SPPT PBB can be done Online! Now you can check and pay your SPPT online through the website of each local tax office or iPBB app by inputting your tax object number (NOP). Or, you also can check and pay through e-commerce like Tokopedia , Bukalapak, LinkAja, Gojek, Ovo, Traveloka and Blibli. Just input your Province, PBB year, and your NOP!

After paying, please keep the proof of payment (STTS).

When paying your Land and Building Tax Invoice, you need to input your tax Object Number (NOP PBB) as a way to identify your tax object identity (land and property), where it consists of 18 specific digits. Every land and property you have will have their own NOP after they were registered, written in the invoice.

So, never ignore your NOP! In case you forgot, you can find your NOP by:

  • Getting the hardcopy of your SPPT PBB in our Customer Service office
  • You can also find it through the Official Proof of Payment–Surat Tanda Terima Setoran (STTS). In case it is gone, you can ask for your last STTS by visiting Dinas Pendapatan Daerah (Dispenda) Office


How to Request Smart Card for Home Owner

Each Smart Card is designated to 1 vehicle. If you own 2 vehicles, then you need to request 2 Smart Cards. In order to maintain wellbeing of your Cluster, the number of Smart Card ownership is capped according to the number of your carport + 1 Smart Card for motorcycle.

Here is how to request Smart Card:

1.     Fill in form

2.     Make sure that you have already prepared the following documents:

a.     Requestor ID (KTP/SIM/Passport)

b.     STNK of registered vehicle

c.     Family Card

d.     In case the requestor data is different with Owner data, you also required to submit Proof of Home Ownership

3.     Submit the form and the request will be processed in the next working day (Monday – Friday 8.30 – 17.30 WIB)

4.     When the request is approved, proceed to payment

After payment, your card will be activated. You will receive an invitation to take the card in TMD Customer Service within 3 working days, and then the card is ready for usage.

Each Vehicle Card is designated to 1 vehicle. If you need extra card for your tenant, you can request extra until the card limit, which refers to the house parking lot capacity.

Here is how to request Vehicle Card for Tenant:

1.     Fill in form

2.     Please make sure that you have already had the information about:

a.     Tenant’s email address

b.     Tenant’s phone number

c.     Tenant’s license plate number

3.     Please also make sure that you have already prepared the documents, which are:

a.     Tenant’s ID (KTP/SIM/Passport)

b.     STNK of Tenant’s registered vehicle

c.     Lease Agreement Letter

d.     Tenant’s Family Card

4.     Submit the form and the request will be processed in the next working day, which is Monday – Friday (8.30 – 17.30 WIB)

5.     When the request is approved, proceed to payment

6.    After payment, your card will be activated. You will receive an invitation to take the card in TMD Customer Service within 3 working days, and then your tenant can use the Smart Card until the end of lease period.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Need some assistance, have some questions, critics or suggestions? Contact TMD Customer Service through:

1.    Walk-in to TMD Customer Service in Menara Matahari, Ground Floor, Jln. Boulevard Palem Raya No. 7, Lippo Village Central on Monday – Friday at 08.00-12.00 WIB

2.     Call Center 021 55 777 557 every day at 8.00-17.30 WIB, including public holidays

3.     Email to

4.     In case of emergency, call anytime to 0800 1900 911