Siloam Hospitals

Performing Love, Caring, Integrity, Honesty, Empathy, Compassion and Professionalism

It is conveniently located in the exclusive township of Lippo Village, presently Siloam Hospitals Lippo Village (SHLV) has 160 beds and is supported by 160 specialist doctors and 348 qualified nurses.

With facilities that cater to both inpatient and outpatient needs, SHLV is committed to offering high quality services. The team professionals’ cares for patients' physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

For outpatient reservation services SHLV provides Call Center (021) 1-500-181 which can be accessed every day from Monday to Saturday at 08:00 to 20:00. This service helps facilitate patient and family to make reservations far in advance of the day of their arrival. SHLV also provide Call Center for emergency ambulance (021) 1-500-911. This 24/7 service provides Rapid Response Mobile Hospital for the area adjacent to SHLV, where an ambulance can arrive at the house in less than 30 minutes after being called by the phone (depending traffic conditions at the pickup location).

For more info : or Call Center: 1-500-181  

Rumah Sakit Umum Siloam

In response to the BPJS Kesehatan program, Siloam Hospitals Group presents Siloam General Hospital (Rumah Sakit Umum Siloam), which is often known as RSUS.  As a General Hospital, RSUS also serves BPJS participants in Tangerang district and other government health insurance.

As a manifestation of its commitment, RSUS provides good health facilities, such as the 24 hours ER, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Dialysis, ICU, inpatient and 25 Specialist Polyclinic (Internist, Children, Obstetric, Heart, Lung, Surgery, Ophthalmology, ENT, Dermatology, Dentist, and many sub-specialist clinic).

Rumah Sakit Umum Siloam Kelapa Dua

The 200-bed capacity hospital is modeled based on the Pavilion B Siloam Hospitals Lippo Village.

Soon to open in the second quarter of 2018, RSUS Kelapa Dua, like its predecessor, will provide 24-hour services for BPJS patients.  The hospital will be equipped with the latest 64-slice CT Scanner to assist doctors with better and more accurate diagnosis.  RSUS Kelapa Dua will provide specialist in more than 10 specialized branches such as pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, neurology, eyes and dental care.

RSUS Kelapa Dua is the first private public hospital in Kelapa Dua that focuses its services on BPJS patients.  It provides access to international standard heath services for more than 100,000 residents residing within the area. 


Siloam Clinic 

Nowadays Siloam Hospital Group continues to develop health services to be affordable for all Indonesian.
In 2017, Siloam Clinic was built in several cities across Indonesia, as the development of health services for the community.

The health services provided by Siloam Clinic are basic services of general practitioners, dentists, pharmacies, birth control, vaccines etc. Siloam Clinic also cooperates with BPJS as a First Level Health Facility, so that it can provide basic services for the member of BPJS.

With the existence of Siloam Clinic, health service with the quality of national health standard can be enjoyed by public and can have positive impact for society whole over Indonesia.

More info:
Siloam Clinic Cyber Park (021) 55 266 73 Health Facility Code: 0223B137
Siloam Clinic Permata   (021) 22 598 068 Health Facility Code: 0221B219