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Let's Protect our Property and Prevent Flooding!
Thursday, 03 Nov 2016
Let's Protect Our Property and Prevent Flooding!

"Are all those TMD building regulations really necessary?  After all,  I own my property and should be allowed to build according to my needs".  Before jumping ahead, here are some points we should take into consideration.

For example, when we buy an automobile, it is only natural to wish to protect our new investment by paving an additional area in our front yard and building a protective roof on it.  It has, however, unexpected consequences.  Covering our land with concrete, or worse, with ceramic tiles, significantly reduces the permeability of the soil on our property.  Rain water cannot be absorbed - as it was when we had our original garden - and the rain water runs off to the street. 

Please consider these factors :
  • The drainage system in Lippo Village was designed taking into account a calculated amount of rainwater absorption in each lot and an excess runoff from it; we have now reduced that capacity and have overloaded the drainage system.
  • By preventing the absorption of rainwater on our property we are depleting the water on our property we are depleting the water table of its natural replenishment source and contributing to water scarcity and soil subsidence.
  • Our hard surface reflects heat from the sun instead of having a cooling and shading effect, and the town's ambient temperature goes up, often resulting in an increase in energy demand for air-conditioning equipment which in turn also increases even more the exterior temperature; this ultimately leads to local, regional and global warming.
  • Last, and certainly not least, the excess rainwater runoff is not carried by the drainage system and it results in flooding!

This is clearly not what we intended and this is why the town planners created rules and regulations for land and buildings.  These rules are for our own benefit, safety and comfort, as well as for everyone's else.  They are not arbitrary; there are good reasons behind them.

Let's go back to our example of new paving resulting in flooding.  There are alternative solutions.  We can use a grass block for our new parking space; the grass block allows for the absorption of rainwater while keeping the green aspect of our front yard and keeping the temperature down.  Limits remain - as they should-on the total ground coverage allowed, as even a grass block with all its advantages still somewhat reduces water absorption.  But it is a good compromise that provides an attractive parking space for our automobiles and protects the capacity of the rainwater drainage system.