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Parade Kemerdekaan Indonesia : 16 August 2017

Commemorating the 72nd Independence Day of Indonesia, TMD together with the Institutions as well as the schools in Lippo Village will have Parade in Lippo Village from 3 to 4 pm which will be held on Wednesday, 16 August 2017. There will be some Marching Bands, Reog, Rampak Kendang, floats and many attractive performances.  

Parade will start and finish at Maxx Box Lippo Village; and will walk together around the CBD area of Lippo Village through the inner lanes (lane around Supermal Karawaci).  

During the activities there will be traffic flow rearrangements from 3 to 6pm as follows : 

A) Parade route; 

B) Jakarta to Lippo Village West via Lippo Village Central, 

C) Lippo Village West/ Central to Harkit via the road behind Siloam Hospitals, 

D) Lippo Village West/ Central to Jakarta via the road behind Siloam Hospitals, 

E) Lippo Village West to Lippo Village Central.  

Rest assured we will have our duty officers to control the traffic, please follow the signage which we will be placed in some locationsWe apologize for any inconvenience caused. 

This is our annual Parade of Independence Day and we are pleased to invite all residents to participate and walk together in this Parade or watch the festivities. There will be bike decor competition for children age 6 to 12 y.o, please register your children.  For those who want to participate and join with this Parade, please contact 021-5579-0190/ 91 ext. 431/ 900 or email TMD@lippokarawaci.co.id .  

If you need further info please contact Call Center at 021-55 777 557. Your support and active participation will be much appreciated.  Thank you.