Traffic Info in Lippo Village : Alternative Access

Dear Residents,

Warmest greetings from Lippo Village Town Management!

In a week, you would have noticed that the traffic situation in and out of Lippo Village has improved greatly since Jasa Marga changed the payment toll gate and we will continue to give updates to our residents until all has been settled.

However, there are peak hours when there is road congestion and therefore we would like to advise our residents on alternative routes that could help ease traffic flow.

There are 2 ways of entering Lippo Village: via the Off Ramp Karawaci or at the Off Ramp Legok.

In the event that the Off Ramp Karawaci (main access to Lippo Village) is experiencing heavy traffic jam, please use the Off Ramp Legok. After paying at the toll gate, make a U-turn, follow the same road used from Lippo Village North leading to Lippo Village Central via under the bridge. Follow U turn sign right after the pay toll gate.

Town Management continues to work on road improvements and traffic engineering for your convenience and easy travel to and from your home in Lippo Village.  We will keep you updated and we are grateful for your support and cooperation these past couple of weeks.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,


Taking Greater Care of You.