How do I travel around Lippo Village, from Lippo Village to Jakarta and its surrounding area
Let's Ride The Lippo Village Bus!
Clean, Safe and Affordable

Please elect to be a Lippo Village Shuttle Bus passenger and feel relieved because TMD provides public transport services that are convenient, safe and on time.  We take pride in maintaining the cleanliness in the Shuttle Bus, as well as passenger safety.  Lippo Village Executive Shuttle Bus stop at predetermined locations to prevent crime and other disturbances.  The buses always run according to their schedule, so you do not have to wait long nor wait until the buses are full. 

The Lippo Village Shuttle Buses are always ready to serve you, even during weekends and holidays.  So, rather than being tired of driving your own vehicle through endless traffic jam, why don't you try using the Lippo Village Buses?

Do not forget, in addition to the safety, comfort and efficiency, using public transport means that you are also helping the environment by reducing the use of fuel.  Please try the Lippo Village Shuttle Bus with your friends and your entire family !