Green Tips
Medical Plants : Healtier than Chemical Drugs?
Wednesday, 11 Jan 2017
Imagine if you are in a garden of medical plants that can be used when one family member is sick.  You can just pick it at any time, even through the night.  No need to spend money and the freshness is guaranteed.

Medical plants are not less beautiful than ornamental plants.  You can plant them among other ornamental plants or flowers.  In addition, medical plants are generally more robust in facing various plant diseases because they have natural substances to preserve them, so you do not need to provide pesticides.

To make beautiful and useful medical plants there are some things to consider.  For example, you need to harmonize them with the existing plants and other elements in the garden, so they will not ruin the garden arrangement.  You also need to know the benefits of each and how to use the medical plants appropriately.

Currently extracts of some medical plants are being used and have cured serious diseases.  Here are some useful medical plants.

Bay leaves (Daun Salam) : boiled leaves are able to overcome ulcers and are used to lower blood sugar levels quickly.  Good for diabetics.

Cumin (Jinten) : reduces the heat of a fever and is useful in establishing breast feeding.

Aloe Vera (Lidah Buaya) : recognized as a hair fertilizer, another benefit is to relieve a cough.

Wild Ginger (Temulawak)  : use to resolve jaundice.

Ginger (Jahe) : cures coughs and rheumatism as it generates a sense of warmth.

Galangal (Lengkuas) : in addition to the herbs it can cure skin fungus on the skin.

Noni (Pace) : the fruit is very useful for the body.  Eating it can relieve osteoporosis.

Lime (Jeruk Nipis) : the fruit acids can relieve a cough.

Red Onion (Bawang Merah) : Useful for treating colds.

Guava (Jambu Biji) : Guava leaves can be used to treat bowel disease of diarrhea.  The juice is also good for health because it contains lots of Vitamin C and good for patients with dengue fever.

Batel (Sirih) : has a good antiseptic content.  You can also use it to relieve a cough.

Mahkota Dewa : Helps with blood pressure.

Sambiloto : the taste is bitter and believed to cure various diseases.  Use the leaves to cure typhoid fever.

Java Tea (Kumis Kucing) : relieves lumbago.

Now you can see the many benefits of a living pharmacy perhaps you should consider utilizing the existing land at home.  Parks can provide a psychological effect for people who are unwell.  Caring for your plants also becomes a means of moving the body and exercise. The result is a healthy and beautiful body.

If you house does not have much land - do not despair!  Use pots instead.  By having a living pharmacy you can certainly save money on chemist cost.  Medical plants make sense for you and your family.