Green Tips
Save Your Paper, Save Our Planet
Thursday, 03 Nov 2016
Every day we would use or at least related to paper, without realizing that the wasteful behavior can lead to deforestation.  Every 15 ream of A4 paper mean cutting down one tree.  Every 7000 newspapers copies we read every day, will spend 10-17 of forest trees, and that means there are millions of trees cut down.  So how to save paper?

Use booth side of paper
For documents that are or are not too important, print double-sided.

Use scrap paper

Do not rush to dispose of your waste paper, look at the other side for there might be empty space.  Use the blank side of the paper to write your memos or notes.  You can also bundle the waste paper into a booklet or notebook for taking notes during traveling.

Change the margins of the document
Minimize your document or reduce the margin of the letter so that the pages can accommodate more letters.  Use the Times New Romans or Arial fonts, because this type of font use less space than other fonts.

Maximize email use

For not so important correspondence which does not need printed proof, just use emails.  For internal communication between branch offices/ representatives, make it a habit to use  emails instead of printed paper correspondence.  Use emails to save paper and the cost of postal mail delivery.  Invitation for discussions or seminars are also more cost effective using emails.

Save documents digitally
Document or monthly reports should not always be printed, just store them in digital form in the computer systematically.  Delivery reports can also be done via email only.  Not all documents need to be printed.  Simply save the file in the computer and make sure there are back ups elsewhere, e.g. flash disc, DVD, or external hard disc.