Strengthen Your Immune System During the Rainy Season

by / Tuesday, 10 November 2020 /
Post Image Rainy season is a time to seeing the greenery and the beautiful blooming flowers. But at the same time, people can easily suffer from low immunity and fall sick easily when the monsoon arrives. Take extra care of your health and manage the food you consume to prevent unwanted health problems.

Here are some foods and drinks that can keep you healthy and fit during rainy season:
Vitamin C rich foods: grapefruit, orange, strawberries, spinach, kale and broccoli. The more colorful fruits and vegetables are, the better they are for building up the immune system.
Vitamin B6 is a vital immune system booster. It is found in green vegetables and chickpeas. Chicken and cold water fish. Salmon and tuna are also rich in nutrients.
Incorporate healthy oils like olive oil, canola oil in your balanced food diet as these oils strengthen the immune system.
Yogurt: consuming 200 grams of yogurt a day equals with the effectiveness of consuming immune supplements. It contains pro-biotic that can trigger white blood cell in our body. When we have a good immune system, flu (which is a very common disease during rainy season) will go away. You can mix your yogurt with your favorite fruit.
Ginger is excellent to protect the body against a host of disorders. Being a strong antibiotic, antioxidant, antiseptic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent, it helps relieve throat pain and congestion and also destroy cold viruses and improve gastric mobility. You can mix ginger with tea and drink as ginger tea.
• Regular consumption of green tea is also a great way to boost the immune system.
• One tablespoon of honey a day is extremely good to protect the body against fungi, viruses and bacteria. It soothes a sore throat and improve digestion.

While you pay attention to what you eat and risks to your health, do not forget to exercise regularly. It will keep you stress-free and keep smiling. Have adequate sleep too, it does not only improve your immune system but also elevates your mood and energy level.

Then, get ready to enjoy the great joys that rain could bring! 

Photo by Edgar Castrejon on Unsplash

Cover Photo by Apaha Spi on Unsplash