Keep It Locked. Protect Your Bike.

by / Thursday, 10 September 2020 /
Post Image Biking has significantly increased in popularity these recent years and more so, during this pandemic, as an economical way of getting to places, either for work or leisure, or a way of getting fit and healthy and still keep physical distance.

Lippo Village has seen increasing number of bicycles passing through the town, especially during weekends. Several areas in Lippo Village have special bike lanes kept sheltered by shady trees making cycling very pleasant and comfortable.

Aside from doing all the necessary steps to protect yourself when cycling, such as wearing a properly fitted helmet, keeping yourself visible and predictable by making signs when turning, and following traffic regulations, do make sure to secure your bike properly.

Prevent bike theft!

Here are some tips to keep your bikes from being stolen:

1. Home storage:
• Always lock your bicycle, even when it's in the garage. One of the biggest mistakes that make theft easy is not locking the bike.
• Invest by buying a safe bicycle lock, such as a U-lock, a double chain lock that is wheel mounted and frame mounted, a threaded steel chain lock which is more flexible and difficult to cut.
• Lock your bike in something permanent. Do not lock with objects that can be easily moved, broken or cut.

2. When parking in a public place:
• As with home storage, always lock with a good quality lock. The longer it takes to break a lock, the less likely it is to become a target for theft.
• Don't just lock the bike itself, but lock it in something permanent such as a bicycle parking rack. If not, the bicycle can be lifted or moved.
• If there is no media to hold on to, you can also try the trick to remove the seat.
• Lock in a bicycle parking area that is visible and well lit.
• Do not lock in the same position all the time.
• Always double check your bike locks before leaving them.
• Other tips that can be tried, place the highest gear before parking the bike, the highest gear means the smallest gear. By doing this, it is hoped that the perpetrator will find it difficult to ride with high acceleration so there is a greater possibility to overtake and catch the thief.

These safety tips may be common knowledge. But always remember to keep your bike secure when you stop somewhere to rest up after a fun time cycling or even parking it outside of your home or workplace. Your bike is one of your prized possessions and protecting it from theft remains a personal responsibility.

We do hope, though, that you continue to keep your bike protected to enjoy many cycling days ahead!

Cover Photo by Coen van de Broek on Unsplash