Learn To Love Your Trees

by / Friday, 10 July 2020 /
Post Image Trees are important. They are vital to our life. Plants and trees around us absorb the carbon dioxide (CO2) that are discarded from us while we take in oxygen (O2) for respiration. We really must learn to love our trees and teach our children to appreciate and learn the value and benefits of trees.

Lippo Village was developed to be a Green city. Trees were carefully selected to line our boulevards to add beauty, shade and coolness to our town. The same passion for choosing what was most appropriate for each residential cluster was carried out as the town was developed and grew.

Drive along the main Boulevards in Lippo Village and one cannot help but admire the beauty of our well grown and mature trees. In the various residential clusters, trees are defining natural features planted not only for aesthetics but to attract bird life. These birds eat insects, such as mosquitoes. Trees benefit the environment. It purifies our air, it acts as sound barriers and also serves as storm water traps, preventing flooding. For sure, this is one of the environmentally friendly, self-sustainable eco-systems that can be implemented in our town.

TMD Environment Services Department regularly takes care of all trees and grasses in the public areas of Lippo Village so they can effectively absorb the CO2 which comes from human, animals and vehicles, and then produce O2 to make Lippo Village an extremely healthy city to live in.

TMD seeks everyone’s support so that we can take good care of all trees and plants, good for us and good for our living environment. You might see empty lots in your neighbourhood. These are private properties. Please do not plant trees on the lot even if it is not yet occupied as the owner and your future neighbour might want to build their home there one day.

What do I do if I want to renovate and want to remove a tree?

Typically, TMD would like you to keep and maintain the tree. However, if you need to move a tree because of a redesign or renovation of your house, please contact us through our Call Center at (021) 55 777 557 or email TMD@lippokarawaci.co.id, to apply for a tree removal. TMD will inspect the location and inform you if the removal is permitted.  Tree removal without the permission of TMD will be subject to sanctions valued at the price of the tree plus the cost of tree care from the beginning, which will be used for purchasing replacement trees by TMD.

Care for your trees. Care for our earth. It is the only planet we have.