Pet Etiquette For Your Dog

by / Friday, 10 July 2020 /
Post Image Do’s and Don’ts

Sharing your home with a pet such a dog can bring you so much joy. They can give unconditional love and loyalty, help relieve stress after a busy day, and provide companionship all the time. However, making the decision to have a dog should be considered wisely. Owning a dog needs a lifetime commitment and big responsibility, it takes a lot of your time and money – over 15 years’ worth, in many instances.

While you are taking care of their wellness at home and meet their daily needs, you have to maintain harmony with your neighbors. Taking the dog out to walk, play, and do their “business” is a daily routine activity for dog owners. But some do not realize that there are some rules and regulations that need to be observed to keep the comfort of staying in Lippo Village.

Here are essential do’s and don’ts, when you take your dog outside:

1. Always use a leash for your dog safety and for easier control. Keep distance when you meeting other residents when walking your dog in the neighbourhood.

2. Pet owners must remove dog waste from public and private property. This includes the neighbor’s yard, sidewalk, parks, and even your own backyard! In fact, don’t let them go to your neighbour’s property.

Dog waste is an environmental pollutant. As it lays in the grass and decays, toxic bacteria seep into the soil. Bring your own plastic/ paper bag and collect your dog’s waste, clean it up, and put it into the garbage bin.

If your household staff takes your dog for a walk, teach them to always do these.

Having a dog is incredibly rewarding – if you are ready for the responsibility!