Lippo Village Township 3Cs

by / Friday, 10 July 2020 /
Post Image Convenient, Complete and Comfort. Where else can you find these 3 C’s?

That’s Lippo Village! Now developing new residential clusters with stylish homes located at the gate of Lippo Village Central at the ‘happening’ west side of the township!

Be the first to book your Cendana Home by one of the most renowned international interior designer, Vivianne Faye, recognised for her creative works both abroad and in Indonesia!

Cendana Spring, Cendana Hills, Cendana View and Cendana Place is complete with a lively Cendana Hills Plaza with tree lined retail shops that can be accessed directly from the main plaza.

A Cendana Home is stylish, modern and instagrammable, comfortable and secure with double-gated security and CCTV surveillance and serviced 24/7 by dedicated Town Managers.

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