Town Management Message

by / Friday, 10 July 2020 /
Post Image Welcome July!

We have entered the second half of the year and despite the challenges we faced in the past months, may we suggest that we lift up your spirits, keep positivism alive and stay strong! Thank you to all residents, tenants and stakeholders and everyone working together with us to make sure our beloved city, Lippo Village remains the best place to live, work, play and study.

Exciting events are happening in the city. Stylish and modern Cendana Homes will soon be launched offering a great investment opportunity in a family-friendly neighbourhood at the west side of Lippo Village.

In this issue, we are featuring new service improvements with Online Permits to apply for your renovation or building construction and Event Permits for those special occasions at your home. It has never been easier to apply for these permits. Simply go online! It is easy and fast.

We also would like to remind residents on the do’s and don’ts if you own a dog. Learn to train your dog for good behaviour so that your neighbours will be tolerant and kinder to them too. If your staff is taking them out, please teach them to clean after your dog and do not leave any poop at your neighbour’s yard or other public areas. This is simple good etiquette.

For our green thumbs, read our feature ‘From Food to Fertilizer’ with plenty of tips on how to naturally improve soil quality in your garden for better plants, flowers and trees. Additionally, please
take care of our trees. If removed, because you need additional space for your home, you will be required to replace those trees. This is for the benefit of all. We do love our green community!

Siloam Hospital is featured in this edition with a very interesting health article in our new Health Advise. We will be giving updates in the next editions as we endeavour to stay healthy and have a happy life!

Continue to stay safe, dear residents and stay connected with us!