Beware of Aedes Aegypti.

by / Saturday, 15 February 2020 /
Post Image One of the diseases that usually come up during the rainy season is Dengue Fever caused by the dengue virus carried by Aedes Aegypti mosquito. Whilst it is dangerous, it can actually be avoided or prevented if you familiarize yourself and your household members about the Aedes Aegypti.

Some facts about the Aedes Aegypti :

• It lays their eggs on the surface of clean water which can persist up to one month in dry conditions and hatch into larvae when submerged in water.
• They bite randomly but there is a biological clock that makes it more active at certain hours such as in the morning after dawn until 8AM to 9 AM and around 4 PM.
• Transmission of the disease is carried by the female mosquitoes as they suck the blood, while the male gets the energy from plants or flower nectar.

To control mosquitoes and other insects, TMD carries out its pest control program regularly. Do check the schedule online through our website or IG. @lippovillage.

However, we urge all residents to take preventive actions to help to control the spread of dengue fever in each household. It is only wise to do so.

Here are three effective ways: ‘drain, cover, and bury’
• Drain the bathtub so no mosquito larvae grow in the water and ensure no eggs are attached to the bathtub’s walls.
• Cover the reservoir of water to keep mosquitoes from getting access to spawning grounds.
• Bury or get rid of unused items so they won’t collect rainwater and turn into egg nests.

Alternatively, you can use anti-mosquito spray or anti-mosquito lotion and put mosquito nets over beds. Do not forget to bathe regularly so your body will not be sticky and attract them as they love the smell of sweat. Consider also your yard, some varieties of banana trees and Bromelia plants that store water, either from rain or watering. Keep a check on these plants or remove it to ensure that there is no stagnant water.  Please do not plant any trees at the vacant lots around you. TMD will do cleaning and cutting grass schedule, as well as trimming of the trees on vacant lots.

Another important thing that you can do is to always keep your house and its surroundings clean and healthy. Do let us know if you or your family member has had DB so we can do additional fogging for your area and surroundings. Contact our Call Center at (021) 55 777 557 or email or direct message to our IG. @lippovillage. Your active participation would be much appreciated.

Stay healthy!