Sign Up for eBilling. Goodbye to Paper Bills.

by / Saturday, 15 February 2020 /
Post Image Taking another small step towards a more sustainable environment and better earth, TMD says goodbye to paper billing statements. And you should, too!
TMD started last year with no more paper flier. In 2020, TMD is making the switch by saying no to printed billing statements for the monthly Iuran Pengelolaan dan Keamanan Lingkungan (IPKL) charge and water tariff. Instead, residents will be getting invoices and billing statements by email. Reminder letters for outstanding billings and notification to disconnect services or water will also be sent by email.

Sign up for eBilling for ease and convenience. Avoid late payment charges or disconnection of water by paying on time and checking on your emails regularly for notices and important information about TMD services.

In case you have not done so yet, please update your contact details by: 
1. Email
Please register your email address indicating your unit and unit number and send it to

2. SMS/ WhatApps
Register your mobile number via our Call Center at (021) 55 777 557 and provide your unit and unit number information.

3. Download from our website
Use the link : , write your Customer ID, click login, then choose Invoice on the top left corner, choose the month of the invoice you wish to download. This will require your password which is your Customer ID.

Sign up now and support our green program. Say No to Print and Goodbye to Paper Bills.
One small step can bring us closer in making Lippo Village a green community to be admired by others.

About Move-In and Move Out 

A new resident? If you are just moving in to Lippo Village, please make sure to fill in and submit your Move-In Form and Register with complete contact details at TMD Customer Service.

If you decide to relocate to another area within or outside Lippo Village, please submit a Move Out Form at Customer Service so we can deactivate your mobile number and email address from our notification/subscription list and no longer receive any notices or information from TMD.