Message from Town Management

by / Saturday, 15 February 2020 /
Post Image Greetings! To those who celebrated Chinese New Year, welcome back and hope that wherever you spent the holidays, you had a wonderful time bonding with your family and friends. 
You may have noticed our landscape looking greener and more lovingly cared for. The air seems fresher and the gardens in our residential areas looks more lush and blooming with flowers. With better and improved landscape maintenance practices, we have also benefitted from the constant rains that resulted in this lushness and greener landscape. The rains, however, can also result in water being pooled in areas which may attract the Aedes mosquito. Read more on our Pest Control programs being implemented in your area and measures to prevent the larvae breeding in your premises.

TMD continues to advance with many initiatives in running our town better and more efficiently with the help of technology. We also seek your help in securing your homes by taking simple safety steps and reach out to us with your concerns so we can serve you better. 
We also remind that TMD is going paperless and you will no longer be receiving printed invoices for IPKL and water bills. It is therefore very important that we have your updated data with your email address and WhatsApp mobile numbers where we will be transmitting your monthly billing. Please register with Customer Service if you have not yet done so.

Do stay alert on the current worldwide medical concern on the Covid-19, now officially the name for Coronavirus outbreak. Siloam Hospitals have shared here valuable information on signs and symptoms and prevention measures. 
Lastly, we congratulate Universitas Pelita Harapan for garnering 23rd National Rank in the 2018 GreenMetric UI Ranking, an internationally recognized university ranking based on environmental sustainability criteria. We are very proud of UPH’s achievement as this is also a testament of TMD’s commitment to provide a sustainable infrastructure that can support our institutions to create a safe and healthy environment within their respective communities. 
Enjoy this February edition of LV Life and stay healthy!