Common Pests during the Rainy Season. Protect Yourself.

by / Wednesday, 15 January 2020 /
Post Image A much talked about pest during heavy rainfalls last month focused on snakes. We hope that our article with tips on handling an encounter with a snake has helped to reduce panic or fright when you see one on the road or near your property.

You may encounter other common pests which are prevalent during the rainy season. Here are some of them and tips on how to reduce the risks or preventing them from entering your property:

1. Mosquito

The mosquito population will increase in the rainy season. Stagnant water outside the house is dirty because of the rain but mosquitoes tend to look for a puddle of clean water in the house. Clean puddles provide the nutrients needed for breeding, which can’t be found in dirty puddles.

2. Rats
It is said that the rain brings the rats out of their nesting place when it is flooded or wet. Rats look for a warm dry place and could enter your home if you do not keep it secure from rats. Use rat traps and more importantly, always keep your home clean.

3. Larons
This small animal is usually only 1 day old, initially a termite that often nests and eats wood. Larons will come together in groups from the ground when the air feels humid. Wet soil in the rainy season causes the air to become humid. Larons will come out looking for a light that can provide warmth, namely the lights in or around our homes. Watch out for these flying termites and look for warning signs, perform regular checks and focus on problem areas to keep them off.

4. Worms
When it rains, the water absorbed by the ground makes it difficult for worms to find oxygen. As a result, worms try to get out and creep into the house. The same thing applies when the soil conditions are very hot. Prevent worms from getting into your driveway and home by trimming bushes, trees close to your house as these provide great habitats for the worms.

5. Frogs
Frogs seem to increase in population during the rainy season. Rain puddles create the right condition for frogs to come out of the nest, mate and breed. Expect a lot of noise from the frog croaking.

6. Wood beetles
Another pest that moves to find dry wood in the house is a wood beetle. When the rainy season arrives, the wood beetle habitat in wood outside the room becomes easily damaged or weathered. When you find them damaging your wood work or wooden furniture, it is time to call for professional pest control company to help you keep them away from creating more damage.

Some pests mentioned above are not uncommon but can be dangerous which is why it is necessary to be aware of their existence and the harm it can cause to us and to our property. It is important to always maintain the cleanliness of our homes to stay healthy and neatly organized during the rainy season, so as not to attract wild animals around to come and make their nests. 

If you find yourself needing assistance to get rid of these common pests, immediately contact our Call Center at (021) 55 777 557 or go to the nearest security post. Our officers are ready to help you. TMD Animal Control Officers also routinely carry out pest control and fogging in Lippo Village. Residents can check the pest control schedule at

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