Understanding Your IPKL Rate

by / Wednesday, 15 January 2020 /
Post Image If you own a home, lot or commercial property or if you are running an educational institution or health facility, Town Management Lippo Village charges IPKL rates (Iuran Pengelolaan Keamanaan dan Lingkungan) to provide services ranging from security and protective services, environmental and waste management, infrastructure repairs and maintenance, traffic management, roads and drains maintenance, street lighting, planning and building services, community programs and events planning and maintenance of public facilities. Services are delivered by a customer-oriented team who are dedicated in serving residents seeking the most pleasant, safe and comfortable living environment in Lippo Village.

For TMD to continue upgrading its existing town services and keep up the quality of the environment and town’s infrastructure, it will require costs necessitating an increase in the IPKL contribution that will take effect at the start of 2020. This will ensure that Lippo Village remains to be stay ahead in technological advancements and sustainable practices that will ensure our residents with the best customer experience that is caring and committed to delight residents. It also aspires to become a model for smart, environmentally friendly and sustainable cities enjoyed by future generations.

Thank you to all residents who have been supportive and instrumental in achieving our goals to provide you with best town services with your timely payment of the IPKL. Your continued cooperation will ensure our 2020 Improvement Programs will be carried out for your benefit and protect the value of your investment property in Lippo Village. The IPKL rate adjustment will be effective January 2020 which is due at the latest on February 20, 2020.

For more information, please contact us at Customer Service at TMD@lippovillage.com or visit us at TMD Office, 2121 Bulevar Gajah Mada #00-01, Lippo Cyber Park, Lippo Village Utara.

Road sweeping at Boulevard Permata

Cleaning of entry pit to main sewerage Boulevard Ubud