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by / Sunday, 15 December 2019 /
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One of the trending topics in Jakarta is about the discovery of cobras in places even as far as Bekasi and Bogor. There is a certain nervousness happening. However, this is a normal phenomenon at this time during the rainy season when young snakes come up after hatching from their eggs, and corroborated by Bp. Amir Hamidy, a reptile scientist from the Center for Biological Research at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI).

Snakes lay their eggs, about 10 to 20, in holes in the ground or under a leaf litter. They like the warm and humid temperature in the place where they store eggs. Almost all types of snakes including cobras will leave their eggs and let them hatch on their own within 3 to 4 months before they spread out.

How not to encounter a snake?
Here are easy tips to prevent them from entering your home:

• Always keep the house clean. Use a floor cleaner with a pungent aroma as snakes do not like sharp odors.
• Do not store food waste in the house, it can invite mice that are prey to snakes.
• Avoid piling up kinds of stuff, including piling up dried leaves in the yard of the house. Cut the grasses and shrubs, remove all debris, rocks, woods, and pipes. It can be a hiding place for snakes.
• Close all holes in the house where they can hide, such as under storage areas or in wall openings. Build the fence or walls around the pool.
• If you find traces of snakeskin (shredding process) around your area, please immediately report to the nearest security officer and ask for the TMD Animal Control Team for analysis and identification. Snake shreds their skin generally 6 times a year. Snake traces can be seen in slightly dirty and sandy areas.

What if you happen to meet a snake?
• Do not panic, don’t attack, disturb or even try to kill a silent snake. Walk sideways or dodge.
• Do not hold the head of the snake even though it is already dead as there may be some venom left.
• Use household appliances, such as a broom to drive the snake out of the house, gently push it out of the house. The snake will go away when it hits the ground.

How you can handle when the snakes bite you or bites anyone around you?
• Keep calm and immediately get help, ask somebody to contact the nearest security and call our 24/ 7 Emergency Officers at 0800 1900 911
• Get medical attention immediately
• Do not tighten the wound area
• Do not massage the wound area
• Do not cut or suck the poisons from the bite wound
• Do not wash with soapy water to the bite wound
• Do not put ice to the bite wound
• Do not use herbal medicine
• Do not eat/ drink, including alcohol
• Stay awake

TMD Animal Control Team will continue to check on bushes, landscaping and other areas around you. TMD also maintains the empty lots, please do not plant bananas, cassava trees or any other trees on these areas. If you have other properties in Lippo Village that are unoccupied or not yet built up, please make sure that you close all access and keep your area clean to keep snakes and other pests from your property.

Help us create a safe environment for all!

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