No One is at Home. Secure First Before You Go Away.

by / Sunday, 15 December 2019 /
Post Image We plan our holidays with great excitement! We spend a lot of time planning where to go, where to stay, what places to visit, where to dine and shop and even book tickets in advance for a favorite show and more.

First things first. Plan to keep your home safe before you leave so that it stays safe while you are enjoying your time away.

TMD helps you to keep your surroundings safe and secure. Security officers are on standby 24/7 and CCTV surveillance now installed in various places in Lippo Village certainly adds to tighter security measures.

Ultimately, security of your own home depends a lot from you. Do pay attention in taking care of your belongings and personal assets. 

Here are some simple necessary actions to take:
• Put security lighting at some locations outside and inside your home (preferably using LED lights) with sensors so that the light is on at certain times in the evening and early morning.
• Lock all doors of the house to avoid someone from entering the house and keep the windows tightly shut.
• Lock your personal vehicles and keep it inside the garage or carport; and place an alarm.
• Keep your valuables out of sight even in your own house. Consider putting your jewelries in a bank safe.
• Turn off all electrical appliances and water meter.
• If you have any pets, please leave them to a Petshop/ Clinic that are providing pet care services or have someone to take care your pet. Do not leave your pets alone that they become a public disturbance.
• Please promptly pay your monthly billing of IPKL, Water, Electricity and Telephone to avoid any disconnection of services.
• If you have someone or your house staff look after your house, inform them not to receive any guests.
• Inform your house staff or anyone who is staying in your house to immediately contact the emergency number at 0800 1900 911 if they hear or see something suspicious.
• Please be informed that there are no activities carried out by TMD without prior notification. Notifications of TMD activities or work in the area are through email and what’s apps blast. No contractor can enter the residential area and carry out any activities without official permission from TMD.

TMD Protective Services will work with relevant authorities to monitor Lippo Village. Routine patrols will continue to be carried out to enhance security preventative measures and orderly traffic during the peak holiday season. Please contact us if you need immediate assistance at our 24 Hours’ Emergency Number (Toll Free) 0800 900 911. Our officers are always ready to serve 24/7.

Safe travels! Happy Holidays. Have a blast!