Free Rabies Vaccination

by / Friday, 15 November 2019 /
Post Image Having a pet as a companion is rewarding but caring for it has its challenges and can be hard work. Making sure that your pet is well fed and at the right time as well as getting enough exercise and keeping their surroundings clean takes a lot of time and care.

Keeping your pet healthy is an important consideration and regular check-ups and getting their vaccinations is necessary. Once a year, your cat or dog needs to be vaccinated to prevent them from getting rabies disease, endangering people around them.

TMD has for many years worked together with the Dinas Peternakan Tangerang to provide free rabies vaccination. Pet loving residents are encouraged to take this opportunity to bring their cats or dogs to be vaccinated. The Management of Permata Culinary and Play Out Place is providing their location as part of their community service.

The Free Rabies Vaccination will take place on
Saturday, November 30, 2019. Come early to see veterinarians from Dinas Peternakan Tangerang who will be available from 9 AM to 12 Noon to provide the service.

We are very happy and proud that we have been selected as one of the communities supported by Dinas Peternakan Tangerang to provide Free Rabies Vaccination and are grateful to the veterinarians for their service and free health check of the pets brought in by their owners.

Join us for this annual event, bring your cat or dog and enjoy the Play Out Place with them after the health check!

Thank you to the Management of Play Out Place for their support.

Having a healthy pet is good for you and your neighbours!