Spectacular Fashion Carnival by Jember Fashion Carnaval

by / Friday, 15 November 2019 /
Post Image Opening the 2019 Lippo Village Festival, Jember Fashion Carnaval (JFC) performed at Lippo Village on Saturday, November 23.

With the theme of the Tribal Grandeur, JFC showcased the diversity and grandeur of tribes in the world. 80 unique costumes displayed in six categories by the models, including JFC Kids' children.

Present at JFC, John Riady, CEO of Lippo Karawaci conveyed, this was the first time JFC was present in the Lippo Village area, Tangerang. The reason, besides having achieved various achievements, JFC is also in line with Lippo's vision to make Lippo Village an area of cultural and artistic festivals.

"Our plan is to have a livelier annual event. We want to encourage Lippo Village as the pioneer in organizing festivals, especially festivals that shows diversity and cultural richness, both Indonesian and foreign cultures,"

In line with John Riady, Head of Development of Lippo Village TMD, Michael Widjaja said, culture and art became the choice because these two things are universal and can be enjoyed by all levels of society and every family member of all ages.

"Through this festival, it is hoped that Lippo Village can attract people to get to know cultural diversity and increase people's love for the culture of the country," he said.

Featuring a variety of beautiful costumes and attractions accompanied by the music, the models succeeded to amaze the visitors who attended that afternoon along Boulevard Palem Raya, Lippo Village.

Look forward to other exciting events at the 2019 Lippo Village Festival!

Source: Suara Pembaruan