Greening for You

by / Friday, 15 November 2019 /
Post Image You may have seen our landscapers and gardeners busy around the town. You will see them more and more in the days ahead as they commit to complete the improvements before the year end.

Upgrading of the landscaping especially when the dry season is over is being carried out now in various areas and almost complete in the CBD area in the Graha Lippo roundabout as well as in the island of Dadap in Lippo Village West. As soon as more rain showers come, you will find these newly landscaped areas more green and more lush, adding beauty to our town.

TMD is also doing replanting work around the private entry gates of the residential areas and public parks. The old trees and shrubs have been replaced with new trees and unplanted areas are being landscaped as well. All these work is being done to make sure that we continue to bring more shade to Lippo Village and bring down the temperatures for a cooler and more comfortable town.

Green is good. Keep greening for our town and for our earth!

entrance gate Lippo Cyber Park

entrance gate Taman Diponegoro

Taman Ubud Asri