Do I Need a Fence for My Building Project

by / Friday, 15 November 2019 /
Post Image Yes, you do.

Before you do any renovation or build a new house in Lippo Village, it is important that you learn and familiarize yourself with the building rules and regulations that ensures you and your neighbours can continue to enjoy a harmonious living environment.

Putting up a project fencing around the perimeter of your property during construction or renovation is one of the actions necessary, not only to have some privacy during the work being done in your property but also to keep your surroundings clean and orderly.

Why do I need to put up a project fence?

You may think this is an added expense. But when you weigh the reasons why it is necessary to have a fencing, you will find that it is to your great advantage. Here are some reasons why:
1) You will have various materials piled up when building a new house or even for a renovation. It is only good neighbourly act to keep all materials inside the project fence to maintain the cleanliness in your surrounding neighbourhood. The fence will certainly make your project look neat from the outside and your neighbours will appreciate this simple neighbourly gesture.
2) A fence will also protect your materials and property when left vacant.

What type of fencing should I put up?

The fence must be painted with green color (glotex 499) and must be installed before you start the renovation or construction of your new house. The colour of green blends perfectly with the landscaped environment of your residential area. It is also easy to find in any hardware store.

Protect your property. Maintain a clean environment and keep your neighbours happy!    

green color fence

all materials should be placed inside the property