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by / Tuesday, 15 October 2019 /
Post Image Most people when they are looking for the best place to settle and call it home put a lot of consideration on the safety and security of the area together with location and facilities.

Lippo Village is a choice of home and preferred residence for those who have moved in and those still searching.

Our survey shows that security is one of the top most consideration.

Town Management (TMD) remains committed to make improvements in the security system and heading towards the end of 2019, TMD continues its work to fix and repair all the boundary and perimeter walls around Lippo Village to harden the areas, secure it better and prevent possible trespassers in the town. To access the residential clusters, TMD provides a single point of entry for tighter control of vehicles and pedestrians and movements are monitored closely.

Additional CCTVs are also in the works. From 48 CCTVs, by the end of the year, we will have 109 CCTVs installed in both the CBD area and in the residential clusters. 

24/7 security patrol helps greatly to ensure the safety and security of all our residents. Officers are constantly being trained to give them the skills needed to protect our residents. We also ask residents to stay alert and watchful at all times.

Call our Emergency Hotline or see our security officer at the nearest post to report any suspicious activity or person. 
We are ready to serve you.