Get Ready for Rain

by / Tuesday, 15 October 2019 /
Post Image On October 8, 2019, Jakarta, Tangerang and its surrounding experienced heavy rainfall. After a long drought, we welcome the first signs of the rainy season. We can look forward to greener grass, lusher plants and trees and the air smelling earthy again and fresh as the rain falls on dry soil.

At TMD, our Infrastructure and Environmental Services team have been busy preparing for the rainy season. Checking and cleaning out of the entry pits to ensure no clogging in our water sewerage drains, and making sure water pumps at all locations are running in perfect condition have been performed to prevent possible flooding as well as trimming of excessive branches from trees to ensure that these do not break and fall on passing vehicles and pedestrians during a heavy rainfall.

Get ready for rain. Protect yourself, your family and home with simple acts:
  • Put your household waste into the correct bins. Do not dispose of household waste such as leftover foods and fat into drains. Not only the smell becomes very annoying but it can clog the water flow or become a food source for rats and other disease-carrying pests.
  • When you are doing any renovation, make sure that the debris does not fall inside the waterways. Sedimentation that forms at the bottom of the drains can cause a narrowing and prevent the water from flowing freely.
  • Do not close the drains in front of their house because you may want to use the area as part of an extension of the carport. Permanently closed drains make it impossible for TMD officers to access for cleaning. The water on the road cannot flow and cause puddles. If this happens continuously, the road in front of your home and neighbours will be damaged. Avoid permanently closing the top of your drains.
Each of your small acts can impact your living environment, especially when all residents give their support to maintain the town’s infrastructure well and in good order. Let us work together. Help us keep your living environment pleasant for everyone and enjoy a flood-free Lippo Village!