Why Being a Good Neighbour Matters

by / Tuesday, 15 October 2019 /
Post Image Meeting your neighbours when you have just moved in and getting to know them is an act of kindness and lead to friendships that last a lifetime. Strangers become real neighbours and suddenly, when neighbours care for one another, the whole street become communities. We feel better and safer when we are part of good community. Having good neighbours to count on in times of distress or an emergency matters a lot. 

It matters too when you are doing improvement projects to your home. Your neighbour can complain about the noise and dust that renovation work creates or they can be simply tolerant and not bothered with the construction work. 

Be a good neighbour and observe the building rules and regulations when you are renovating or building a new house. Let your neighbours know that how long it might take and make sure that the comfort of your neighbours are not disturbed. Keeping the environment looking good can be a challenge but when your neighbours see that you are doing your best to keep your property in good order and debris are removed regularly from your building site, they become more tolerant and understanding.

It is important to get your contractor and their workers to maintain the cleanliness in their surroundings. TMD Building Control regulates that the first step to take when you are doing a house construction or major renovation is to build a construction or project fencing around the property so as not do not disturb your neighbours. Please avoid littering or placing building materials on nearby public areas or empty lots. 

Construction working hours are permitted only from Monday to Saturday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. No work is allowed during Sundays and Public Holidays. All workers are required to leave the building site immediately after 5:00 PM. No workers are allowed to stay overnight. These regulations are critical in maintaining harmony amongst neighbours. 
When you are considerate and respect your neighbours’ enjoyment of peace and quiet in their homes, you build on having good relations and they in turn will be also be tolerant when it is your turn to do your home improvements.

Good neighbourly acts help maintain harmony, peace and order in a community. 
Be a better neighbour.