Message from Town Management

by / Tuesday, 15 October 2019 /
Post Image Dear Readers,

As predicted by BMKG, we are now entering the rainy season this October.

If you love being in the outdoors, jogging, cycling or simply doing your daily walks for exercise, rain can be inconvenient. However, rain clears the air, it fills our rivers and lakes and allows plants to grow lusher and looks greener and cleaner. 

It is time to do a rain check. In this October issue, we have a lot of information to help you prepare for the rainfalls ahead. Check your house thoroughly and time to get the roof specialist to make sure your roofing will withstand heavy rainfall. Pay attention to your gardens and check areas to prevent water from pooling that may attract mosquitoes to breed and pose a threat to your health. 

TMD is fully prepared having cleaned up the storm water drains from dried leaves or dust that may have entered the inlets. Ponds have been cleaned, trees trimmed and water pumps checked to ensure a flood-free Lippo Village. 

Our team have been busy with safety improvements by adding CCTVs to monitor public areas and entry points to the residential clusters. Perimeter fences and tightening of the boundaries are almost completed. Your safety and comfort remain our primary goals.

To help you save money on utility costs, do not forget to check your own water meter installed inside your property. Routine check by our water inspectors will make sure the water meters will give accurate readings. Correct leaks immediately and save money. 

Stay informed with our eLV Life. Let us know what concerns you and we are ready to listen and serve you the best we can.
Enjoy October and despite the rains that will come, take time to breathe in the freshness in the air and be in tune with mother Earth.

Taking Greater Care of You