Do Not Let the Rain In

by / Sunday, 15 September 2019 /
Post Image The sun has been relentless and causing drought in many areas. You may have noticed the dry grass and trees wilting under the high heat. But the good news is that the rains will soon be here as predicted by the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics and come November the rainy season begins and continue for the next quarter until next January and February when it reaches its peak.

Enough time to prepare our homes! Remember even those tiny leaks can cause damage to your home and it is time to consider doing the repairs and avoid those major ceiling replacement due to water damage. Losses due to damage to the floors, wall insulation and personal property is something we do not want to happen. 
Get ready and do a total check of your house condition, particularly roofs.

Here are some tips on what to check:
1. Make sure the roof drain works perfectly. Observe the design of your roof drain and choose strong drain pipes and gutters with the right size to make sure water drains to the ground efficiently.
2. Do not forget to clean out dried out leaves and other natural debris that fall on your roof gutter. Gutters filled with dried leaves and debris, and clogged downspouts, allow water to back up, which can cause leaks in the roof. Gutters should be cleaned out periodically, and downspouts checked for clogging.
3. Walk around your property. Look for the trees that need to be removed or trimming to eliminate the risk that they could fall and cause damage to your house or your neighbour’s house.
4. For new homeowners, please make sure your roof is designed with the proper standard to minimize any possibility of roof leaks.
It is also important to check the water drains and sewerage around your property. Do not put waste or any rubbish into the sewerage so that rainwater can drain out smoothly. 
Have a worry-free rainy season and enjoy seeing our trees and plants growing more lush with the natural watering nature provides us!