Keep them Off

by / Sunday, 15 September 2019 /
Post Image Beware of snakes and keep them off from coming into your yard! Snakes tend to hide in cool and dark places but may come out when the temperature gets hot. The movement or smell of animals that become their prey causes them to move.

The existence of snakes plays an important part of the ecosystem. They are natural predators of rats and helps reduce the pest population. However, the sight of it can be unnerving.

The best way to avoid encountering a snake is to remove things around your yard that could make it a haven for them.

Here are some precautions you can take to make sure you will never see them in your surroundings :

Prevent a snake from possible entry to the house and yard?
• Clean your house and its surrounding area. Snakes are often found in sandy and dirty places.
• Cut all high shrubs, tall grasses and weeds, tidy and remove all debris, rocks, wood, pipes that pile around your house or yard.
• Close all holes in the house where they can hide, such as under storage areas or in wall openings. Build the fence or walls around the pool.
• If you find traces of snake skin (shredding process) around your area, please immediately report to the nearest security officer for analysis and identification. Snake shreds their skin generally 6 times a year.

What you have to do when you meet a snake?
• Don’t panic, don’t attack, disturb or even try to kill a silent snake. Walk sideways or dodge.
• Use household appliance, such as a broom to drive the snake out of the house, gently push out of the house. The snake will go away when it hits the ground.
• Don’t hold the head of the snake even though it is already dead as there may be some venom left.

What you have to do when the snake bites you?
• Don’t panic. Keep calm and immediately get help, ask somebody to contact the nearest security and call our 24/ 7 Emergency Officers at 0800 1900 911
• Don’t cut or suck the poisons from the bite wound
• Don’t tighten it up
• Don’t massage it
• Don’t use herbal medicine
• Don’t eat/ drink, including drink alcohol
• Don’t give soapy water to the bite wound
• Don’t give ice to the bite wound
• Stay awake

TMD Animal Control Team routinely checks on landscaping, bushes, empty lots and other areas that may be used as hiding places for snakes. Please avoid these areas and do not plant on the empty lots around you. TMD takes care of maintaining these lots.

If you have other properties in Lippo Village that are currently unoccupied or not yet built up, please close all access and keep your property in clean and tidy manner to keep snakes and other pests off.  Be a good neighbour and help ensure a comfortable and safe environment for all!