Fencing for Safety

by / Sunday, 15 September 2019 /
Post Image A great advantage of living in Lippo Village is its integrated security system that aims to give the utmost protection to residents. Using a multi-layered system, the Town Management Protective Services Department employ 24/7 security officers on patrol and guards at the entry and exit gates at the residential cluster. Personnel are backed up by a CCTV monitoring system in public areas including a 911 facility with experienced officers monitoring the activities in the city and giving out vital information to residents.

In addition to security layers currently in place to provide residents peace of mind, TMD will be undertaking improvement works on the perimeter fencing of the residential clusters. The perimeter fencing is intended to ‘harden’ the area and tighten the security control at the residential clusters, giving residents extra protection from would-be intruders and strangers.

The Fence Improvement Work throughout Lippo Village will be implemented in phases and completed this year. Starting in September 2019, the Infrastructure Team will do the fence repairs and installation at the Taman Himalaya area, from Jalan Gunung Permata to Jalan Gunung Madu. This work will be completed by mid-October 2019 and fencing will continue to other locations.

Watch out for announcements in your area! We will keep you updated on the work schedule and appreciate your support in this important TMD security initiative.

Think Safety First and always be aware of your surroundings! Call 0800 1900 911 to report any suspicious person or activity.