Hang Out your Laundry the Right Way

by / Sunday, 15 September 2019 /
Post Image Particularly when the sun is out, we tend to do the washing of our laundry immediately so that we can hang it outside and take advantage of the sunshine to get the clothes’ or linens’ fresh smell at the same time reduce our energy costs by avoiding the use of the clothes dryer. 
When hanging out your laundry, do it the right way! Have the clothesline at the rear yard where it will not be too visible to your neighbours and spoil the appearance of your home. Make sure you have a special place or corner in your home to make room for daily household activities such as washing and drying your laundry. 
Avoid using your front driveway, front yard or balcony to hang out your laundry. Do the right thing for your neighbourhood, for your environment. Maintain orderliness and aesthetics of your residences and take pride in showing off your home in a good light.

Here are some improvement tips when looking for additional space for your laundry activities:
• Make sure that the location for drying clothes is not visible from the front of the house.
• Consider from where the sunshine falls and also the need for shelter to protect from a sudden rainstorm.
• If necessary the area should be adjacent to the washing area, so you can hang out the clothes immediately after washing it.
• The surface of the floor of the drying area should have a slope of +/- 2 to 3 degrees so the water dripping from the clothes can run smoothly into the drain.
• Be creative, use a folding clothesline attached to the wall to give a more spacious area when not in use.

Keep your spaces neat and clean and help maintain the beauty of our living environment and neighbourhood. Your cooperation in keeping your residential in good order will go a long way to preserve the value of your property in Lippo Village. 

source: helloshabby.com